Why Does My Torpedo Heater Keep Shutting Off?

why does my torpedo heater keep shutting off

If you have a torpedo heater and it keeps shutting off, then there’s a pretty good chance that there is a problem with the control board. It might also be a problem with the pump pressure. If you suspect that there is a problem with the control or pump, then you need to clean the lint filter and adjust the pump pressure. Also, make sure that the fuel filter is in good working condition.

Adjust the pump pressure

If your torpedo heater keeps shutting off, you might need to adjust the pump pressure. This is especially important if your heater has a hot surface ignitor. You can change the pump pressure in a few easy steps.

First, remove the heater top cover. It is a plastic cover that goes over the top of the motor. Unplug the heater and then remove the wires from the circuit board.

Next, you’ll need to turn the relief valve. Turn the relief valve clockwise or anti-clockwise to increase or decrease the pressure.

Adjusting the pump pressure is important because it determines the delivery of the fuel. The pressure should be set at the optimum level. To adjust the pressure, you’ll need a flat-blade screwdriver.

You’ll also need a pressure gauge. If you don’t have one, you can buy a new one. Just make sure it is compatible with your torpedo heater.

The temperature of your heater is also a factor. If the temperature rises, the heater will shut down. This can be caused by a faulty cutoff seat. Also, a dirty air filter can cause the torpedo heater to shut off. Keeping the air filter clean is important because it prevents the heat from escaping.

Check the fuel filter

If you’re having trouble with your torpedo heater, there are several things you can check. First, you may want to replace the fuel filter. These filters are made of a fine plastic mesh that separates dirt from the fuel. They should be replaced at least every two or three winterizes.

The next thing you should do is check the fuel lines for debris. If there is a lot of debris, it can cause a problem with the spark plug. It can also damage the wires that connect to the power switch.

Torpedo heaters are portable and easy to use. However, these heaters are prone to malfunctions. If you’re experiencing a problem, you should follow the instructions given in the user manual.

If you’re using kerosene, be sure to regularly clean your fuel tank. You should also clean your nozzle and fan blades. Kerosene is a highly flammable fuel, so you should be careful with its use.

Clean the lint filter

If your torpedo heater keeps shutting off, there’s a good chance the culprit is a dirty lint filter. As a result, your airflow can be impeded and you may not even know it. Here are some simple steps to clean your lint filter and get your torpedo heater back in tip-top shape.

First, you’ll need to remove the upper shell and fan guard of your torpedo heater. While you are at it, you should also unfasten the power switch cords. You’ll also want to take a close look at the photocell and the circuit board for hints of trouble.

The most obvious way to clean your torpedo heater is by removing the upper shell and fan guard, but that’s not the only time you’ll want to give it a good old-fashioned cleaning. It’s a good idea to do this regularly, especially if you’re not a fan of wasting energy.

Repair the control board

If your Torpedo heater is suddenly shutting off, the first thing you should do is check the control board. This is the heart of the heater and can be replaced by a professional. In addition, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ignite the pilot light.

The control board is responsible for making sure that the flame and air pressure are correct. However, this can be affected by a variety of problems.

One of the common problems with torpedo heaters is a clogged filter. Clogged filters prevent heat from circulating properly and interfere with normal airflow. You should clean your filter at least once during the heating season.

A dirty lint filter can also affect the normal functioning of your torpedo heater. Using a clean lint filter is a good way to ensure that your torpedo heater stays running smoothly.

Another common problem with torpedo heaters is faulty photocells. These are the sensors that detect when the fuel is ignited and the combustion chamber is hot. An unclean photocell can cause a torpedo heater to shut off.