Home Update

Well this last couple weeks has been very busy. We (the hubby and I) ran away from home last weekend which was great! We slaughtered the pig which means lot of meat in the freezer now. I had 4 more chicks hatch. And the sanctuary has a few more residents. It’s been busy, busy, busy here. Of course that (at least to me) also means fun. I really don’t like getting stuck in a rut.  That said, this post will be a little different. There will be a lot of pictures and less words! I know…YAY!!  lol.


I’m going to gross anyone out by posting pictures of the actual slaughter, but it was definitely a job! But the pig pen looks so strange being empty and I miss Bacon calling to me when I would go out there.

Empty Pig Pen….:(


The family is doing good. The baby is growing very fast. I am still having a hard time knowing that she will be 5 months soon.

Sephy on Grandpa’s motorcycle

Last weekend, my hubby and I got to run away from home. Even though we didn’t go very far, it was still very nice to get out for a while. We went to Benson, Wilcox, and Douglas. In Benson we went to the Singing Wind Bookstore. I have to say if you’re ever in Benson, this is a must visit! The lady that runs the place, Winifred Bundy, is so sweet.

Does any one know what this bush is? Hubby thinks Jasmine.


Does any one know what this bush is? Hubby thinks Jasmine.


Winifred Bundy, owner of Singing Wind Bookstore, and Me.



Can you see the bookstore in the distance?




Odd building on the property




Singing Wind Bookstore


We stayed at Motel 6 in Benson. The rooms are very bright, but pretty comfortable.


View from the hotel window.


From there we went to Wilcox. We were going to hit some of the farms and orchards there, but the weather had other ideas.

Texas Canyon – Drive to Wilcox


Texas Canyon – Drive to Wilcox


Texas Canyon – Drive to Wilcox


Texas Canyon – Drive to Wilcox


Texas Canyon – Drive to Wilcox


Texas Canyon – Drive to Wilcox


W mountain in Wilcox


Since the weather wasn’t cooperating, we went to Douglas to see Aarron’s parents. The drive from Wilcox to Douglas is very pretty, for the desert.

Road from Wilcox to Douglas – Storms a brewin


Road from Wilcox to Douglas


Road from Wilcox to Douglas


D Mountain in Douglas


On the drive home we passed Bisbee:

Coming in to Bisbee, AZ
Coming in to Bisbee, AZ
Coming in to Bisbee, AZ
Coming in to Bisbee, AZ
Old car on the side of the road in Bisbee, AZ
Old car on the side of the road in Bisbee, AZ
Rig to move the old cars.
Old car on the side of the road in Bisbee, AZ
Old car on the side of the road in Bisbee, AZ



Town of Bisbee, AZ


Houses on the side of the mountain in Bisbee, AZ


Houses on the side of the mountain in Bisbee, AZ


Houses on the side of the mountain in Bisbee, AZ


Houses on the side of the mountain in Bisbee, AZ


Leaving Bisbee, AZ – Tunnel through the mountain.


The next town we passed was Tombstone, AZ. These pictures are not the normal areas, (tourist areas) that you would see of Tombstone.

Road in to Tombstone.


Road in to Tombstone.


Tombstone, AZ


Tombstone, AZ


Tombstone, AZ


Tombstone, AZ


Tombstone, AZ


Tombstone, AZ


Tombstone, AZ


We enjoyed getting out and away for a bit so I’m sure we will do it again soon.


Last but not least, I had 4 chicks hatch last week and they are adorable. I hope to get better pictures soon, but this is what I have so far.

Then there are the new residents at the sanctuary.

Big Momma


Rhode Island Red Rooster


Rhode Island Red Rooster


Little Momma


   Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum


And don’t forget you can help with these chickens as well. Just run on over to Youcaring Donation page .  Every little bit helps with food and lumber and anything else these chickens need.

I hope ya’ll had a great week!

Have a great day!



Home Update

Home Update – Chickens and family


Hi all! I hope everyone’s weekends are going good. Things have been pretty uneventful here lately (thankfully). The chicken sanctuary is on it’s way I believe. I have received 2 donations so far totaling $104.00. I’m thinking this is a great start. That money will go toward helping to get feed for the chickens which is costing me about $50 a week right now. It will also go to purchasing lumber for more coops as right now most every one is together, which can cause problems sometimes.

The last couple weeks I have gotten several new boarders, all of which are roosters.

Chickens 4


Chickens 3
Daisy (possible Roo)


Chickens 2
Group of 10 roos that came last week.


Chickens 1
Bill and Bob (if they turn out to be roos.)


Chickens 6
Another shot of the 10 recently acquired.

Plus, with the chickens I have, I think I am up to about 47 now. I also have 6 more in the incubator that are due to hatch soon.  I will be honest with ya’ll here, when I incubate and get roos, we cull them and use them for food at about 6 months. The roos that come to live with me though will live out their days to the end. I hope that everyone understands why this is.

If you would like to donate to the chicken sanctuary the link for that is: https://www.youcaring.com/unwantedchickensinarizona-860440. 

Any amount will help to make sure I can properly care for these fur babies that have been entrusted to me.


The grand baby is growing by leaps and bounds! She is 4 months old as of the 19th. I still can’t believe how quickly she is growing though. I keep telling my daughter to take a lot of pictures because before you know it she will be 18.

This is her now:

Chickens 7
Sephy 4 months


Chickens 8
Sephy 4 months


Chickens 9
Sephy 4 months


We could not get her to smile for anything! She’s all smiles all the time….right up til you pull out the camera…then nothing! She is just like her mother!

We had to let a couple of our chickens out of their pen to do some renovations to it and hubby got locked in!  LOL

Chickens 5
Hubby locked in the chicken coop.


I told him if he wasn’t nice to me I was going to leave him there.

We got the pool up finally too!


The water is around 90. Because I burn so easily, we usually go swimming after the sun has gone down, so having the water this warm is amazing! Probably wouldn’t be so great during the day though.

Well I think that is about it for the last couple weeks here. I would love to hear how ya’ll are doing. What are ways you beat the heat this summer?

Have a great day!


Home Update


Well, I’ve had my grand daughter out here for the week and I have to say that I am loving having her here again. We got her in the pool for the first time and she seems to enjoy it completely. Of course, I didn’t think that she wouldn’t because she loves her baths too.


She was even kicking her feet and trying to get around in the pool. It was absolutely adorable! Then there’s Grandpa, I don’t care what he says about it, this little girl has wrapped herself around his heart completely!



He makes faces at her and she just smiles the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. It goes all the way to her eyes.


I got a few new chickens this week. Well roosters really. 3 of them. Someone was unable to care for them so they brought them to me. They are Easter Eggers and beautiful. Only a few months old right now. I just need to find some hens for them now.


In the bottom picture we also have Sparkle (who was named by my niece). They were trying to get out of the Arizona sun as we have been over 100 degrees for the  last few weeks.

Chicken Sanctuary

I am working on starting a chicken sanctuary where I would take in chickens and roosters who need a new home for whatever reason and allow them to live out their days in a safe environment. The only problem with doing this is money so I have started a fundraising campaign to try to help with this matter. If you know anyone that has the ability to help please send them to my fundraiser at

Anything would be a help. The money will go toward feed and lumber for coops and just general upkeep of the chicken farm. Without help, I’m afraid I won’t be able to do this.


Hubby’s shop is coming along nicely. A bit slower than he wanted it to, but coming along none the less. We now have 3 of 4 walls up. Next he plans on clearing the floor to make it all level and then all of his stuff will go in to keep it all out of weather.



Everything that is outside of the shop is what needs to go in. So there is A LOT! Hopefully, his design will fit everything and still give him room to work.

Finally, I was heading out in the afternoon to check on the chickens and saw this guy!


I think this may be the most beautiful lizard I have seen in quite a while. He was just resting in the shade from one of our trees in the yard.

Well that’s about for us this week. I hope all has gone well for you and I hope that everyone had a safe 4th of July. I would love to hear about how you spend the holiday so let me know!

Have a great day!



New Grand Daughter!!

So, if you have read my blog lately, I have mentioned that I have a granddaughter on the way. I am excited to announce that she is here! She was born on March 19th at 10:30 am. She is 19 inches long and weighed 6 pounds and 14.6 oz. She is a little bitty thing with a very long name.

I introduce to you, Persephone Kiahlynn Hawkes. Or for short, we will call her Sephy. She came a little earlier than we expected, but we are very grateful that she is here.

The pictures below are from the hospital. Grandpa Aarron swears that she is going to cry every time he holds her, but so far, that has not been the case.








This little girl has already got me wrapped around her fingers. I look forward to sharing with you as she grows.

Have a great day!


What is Going On? I mean Really People

I don’t usually go into politics on my blog, but something has to be said about what is going on I mean come on really people!! Can we just take a moment to be grown-ups again because I don’t understand. As a grown-up, we are supposed to be responsible people, are we not? Is there anyone who disagrees with this? If you do, I shall warn you to stop reading this now!



I will tell you right now that I did NOT support Obama being elected as President. However, I did NOT go out and destroy property under the guise of protest because he won. I do NOT understand why this is happening now! When I was growing up, protests only happened because someone’s rights had been violated. Now it seems that when people don’t get their way, it’s time to protest. I mean what the hell people!! That is just throwing a temper tantrum.

I get that many people don’t like that Trump is now our President, but I would like to know who’s rights have been violated since he became our President??? He hasn’t been in office a week yet and everyone has gone insane! Can someone please explain this to me?

I think my cousin put it most eloquently when she stated on her Facebook page:

This whole not my president crap is so stupid. Obama wasn’t my choice, yet he was indeed my president. As with so many things, it is what it is. Crying, hiding, joining support groups, protesting, etc isn’t changing a damn thing. We are an adaptable species for goodness sake! Get over it! Go to work, pay your bills, file your taxes and take care of your families. The sun will come up, tomorrow is another day. Hoping for the worst is absolutely idiotic! Let’s instead, pray that OUR president can and will do a fantastic job these next 4 years instead of predicting the end of the world you big babies!

and this statement too:

What did the women’s marches accomplish yesterday? I’m sure there were plenty out there just celebrating sisterhood, I hope so anyway, it looks to me more of a childish parade of ridiculous signs. A vagina flipping the bird? Vagina hats? The p word everywhere? My gosh, are we grown up intelligent women or are we 6th grade boys? You hate Trump? Who cares? You want equal pay? Do an equal job! You want control over your bodies? You’ve had that for years sweetheart! Those weren’t mentioned on the signs I saw though. The signs could have been thought up by any pubescent boy. Disgusting! I’m ashamed!

This statement says everything that I believe needs to be said. Why are people out there protesting when we should be working together to make this a better country. Trump has not had a chance to do anything wrong yet. Let’s stand together and pray that he does a good job rather than throwing a hissy fit because he made it into office. Let’s work together to make sure that he does what he said would and “Make America Great Again”.

If, and I mean IF he violates someones rights, then I would be out there with the rest of them protesting, but until that happens grow up! Be an adult! and quit crying simply because you didn’t get your way.

Have a great day!


Home Update

Well, this has been an interesting month. My reviews have taken off so that I have several to do each day, which is nice. This is going to be a kinda all in one update on what’s been going on here.

First off, I am going to be a grandma! My daughter is going to have her first child in March/April. I have to say at first I was not happy about this as she is only 19. As she gets further along, I am definitely warming up to the idea of being a grandma. I still feel that she is too young, but it’s a done deal so now we work with it.



I got 5 new chickens/roos over this last month but sadly only 3 of them are still with me. For some reason the 2 roos didn’t make it through the night. I am still upset over this. The chickens however, are doing great. I’m getting anywhere from 5 – 9 eggs every day. I am going to have to start selling them soon because I am getting so many. We only use about a dozen or so a week.

I got a hydroponics set-up last week too. I am so excited about this. I have wanted one forever!. So now I have a lot of research to do so that I use it right. My neighbor let me borrow his because I have the green house to put it in. I can’t wait to get started on this.



As for my garden, it’s doing ok. I’m still not sure what I am doing wrong. My tomato plants are flowering, but so far no tomatoes. I’m pretty sure it’s because there are no bees around here right now. I have been researching how to pollinate them without bees, so wish me luck on this one.



Aarron’s leg is doing better. He still has a slight limp but it’s slowly getting better. I look forward to being able to do things again very soon.

So let me know how your month has been. How are you doing? I would love to hear from you.

Have a great day!


Aarron’s Healing


The doctor says Aarron’s leg is healing good however, he is still in a bit of pain. At this point we are not sure if this is something normal for this type of injury or if something went wrong somewhere along the line. Hopefully, it is the former, but neither of us has ever had a broken leg before so we just don’t know what is normal.

He was told he could start putting weight on it again too. He is trying  but he says it hurts still. Not sure if this is because it’s not completely healed or something else. He is supposed to call the doctor today to try to find out if this is normal or not. Hopefully we get more good news from her.

Have great day!



Well I guess summer is finally here. For the last few days we have been at or above 110 degrees. Because of this, I consider myself fortunate that I have not lost any chickens to the high temperatures. However, I have done a few things to help them stay cool.


We got a small pool for them so they can climb in to cool off a bit. I thought the duck would be all over this. As you can see from the picture above, she hasn’t gone in yet. I may have a duck that is afraid of water…LOL. In her defense though, other than the water basins, she hasn’t had the opportunity to be in water yet, but she is only 7 months old.

In addition to their water, I have added a couple foot soak tubs with water so that they can at least get their feet in the water to try to cool down a bit. I have been told that chickens don’t like to stand in water, but mine seem to have no problem with this.


You can see the one standing in the water tub. Many people get the tub and add a brick or two so that the chicken can stand on the brick to cool off (I guess the water in the tub keeps the brick cool so that when the chicken stands on it he or she will cool off). I have not had to do this though.

Finally, every hour or so, I go out and spray down the chickens and the run to try to help keep them cool. Thankfully as the week goes on it’s supposed to cool down (in cool down I mean not over 110) so keeping them cool shouldn’t be as bad. I just hope the duck (Meena) will start to use the pool.

Have a great day!



Well, the anxiety has been pretty good this week. I’ve been up to the store several times, but it is getting hot here (supposed to be 110 today) so I’ve been spending a lot of time indoors which really sucks. I’m thinking its time to head for the mountains. Of course with Aarron being laid up still, I’m not sure that’s an option. Definitely looking forward to the rain coming but that is probably still a month or more away.


I still wish I could figure out what the anxiety is all about. Maybe then I could get off the meds. As long as I remember to take my meds everyday, it seems that the anxiety is kept at bay, which is a good thing. I don’t like having to take medication every day though so I wish I could figure this out and get off it. The chickens are doing good so far. I am just praying that I don’t lose any to the heat.


I think as long as things keep going good though, I should be alright. I have my dissertation coming up now so that is a little anxiety provoking, but I think I can handle it. I’m just not sure exactly what my instructor wants out of this draft. He made several comments on my last draft, but didn’t say what to do with them..lol. So I am left to figure it out on my own. Oh well. I’m I sure I will. It’s just frustrating sometimes I think. Anyhow, that’s how things are going with me. How bout you? How was your week?

Have a great day!


Better Week

So far this week has been much better. My daughter started a new job (hopefully this means she will continue to live in town rather than moving back out here soon, but we shall see), we haven’t lost any more chicken, and Aarron (the hubby) is able to start putting weight on his leg again.


The doctor said his leg is healing really well and he is allowed to start using it again. I hope to have pictures of the most recent x-rays later today, but that depends on if Aarron remembered (or was able to) take them.

Kira started a new job on Monday. It is close to where she is living so hopefully she will actually grow up a bit and be able to live on her own (or well at least not at home with me…lol). I have to say though, after 24 years of always having at least one kid with me, it is very strange to now find it is just me and the hubby.

Kira at the lake

My dad also turned 82 yesterday. Surprisingly he is doing real well considering we almost lost him a year and a half ago. He is now pretty well back on his feet and wanting to go back to work. Which by the way he was working full time up until his trip to the hospital in January 2015.


This was actually taken on his birthday last year, but he still looks the same.

As for the chickens, we still have 6 female and 1 female duck so I am still getting a lot of eggs every day. We still are not sure what happened with the other 3, but whatever it was doesn’t seem to be affecting the others. Hopefully all will continue to go well this week.

Have a great day!


House Cleaning Checklist

House Cleaning Checklist
House Cleaning Checklist

Who doesn’t love a clean house? It has taken me quite a while to figure out how to get everything done in the day that I need to. I have, however, finally come up with this checklist that works for the whole month. I just check off under the date once I complete a task.

One sheet will be used for the entire month, so not only will have a clean house, but your will be saving paper in the long run too.

How do you get this House Cleaning Checklist for free do you ask? Just sign up for my newsletter and I will send it to you once you confirm your subscription. I hope this list is a helpful for you as it has been for me.

Have a great day!


P.S. To make it even easier for you I have added the opt-in form below.

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The Healing Process

Aarron 5/8/16
Aarron 5/8/16

Well, the healing process is slow. However, Aarron is doing better. He went back to work this week and so far is doing pretty good. He still cannot put any weight on his leg so he is using crutches and a wheelchair to get around. He is doing much more for himself now than he was a week ago. I don’t mind doing whatever he needs me to, but it is good to see him doing more on his own.

We go back to the doctor on June 1st for x-rays to determine if he can start putting any weight on his leg. The Doctor wants to see healing in the knuckle below the knee before she will allow him to start using it. She said because of the nail put into the knuckle, if he puts weight on it before it starts to heal it could mess up the healing and leave him in worse shape, so he is actually listening to the doctor and not using it.

Here you can see the nail in the top knuckle of the fibula (the lower leg bone).

After the doctor appointment I will update you again and we are hoping for progress. But while we are waiting, he is back to doing things around the house such as putting a small shelf next to the bed for a charging station for our electronics. He is also working on my Jeep so that I have something to drive while he is using the Kia (can’t drive a standard right now, which his truck is).


So, while the process of healing  is very slow, it is happening and he is doing better. Not to mention he is back to making me laugh all the time with the silly things he does every day.

Have a great day!


Blessings Jar

Mason jars are great for everything! I know this is the time of year that we all begin to think about what we are thankful for and what we are blessed for. I am no different. So what I wanted to do was make a jar so that during the coming year any time something happens that is good, I or my family can write it down. On New Year’s eve next year we can sit down and go through all the good memories and remember what we had to be blessed for over the entire year. So if you would like to make one as well this is how:


1 mason jar



Spray Paint (or other decorations for the mason jar)


  1. Using the cardboard, cut out a circle that will fit into the ring of the mason jar.

12376224_10153785264094555_4906719954883981401_n 12369037_10153785264209555_6981254568596271130_n 12390828_10153785263784555_6580424082858420010_n 12390850_10153785263604555_7654543446644396807_n 12342831_10153785263409555_2476727705753479059_n

2. Decide how you want to decorate the jar. I cut out a heart shape to tape to the jar before painting. You could use tape to make different designs or other shapes or symbols. Whatever you want to do with the jar is perfect.


3. Paint the jar. This is the fun part!

12342533_10153785262969555_5703012002726132399_n 12360146_10153785262839555_3462374763478728387_n

With the spray paint it only took about 15 min to dry which makes this a quick easy project to put together.


Now I have my jar to add precious memories to for the year! If you decide to do this, I would love to see how yours turned out. This is in response to Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.

Have a great day!



It’s All About Me

There’s a new link-up party at Tiny Forest Blog and The Petite Mrs called It’s All about me. The point is to answer the weekly questions and link-up to their site. If you would like to join in just click on one of the links above.

Now for this week’s questions:

kira 6

1. What was in your Easter basket this year?

Easter is just another day now that my kids are mostly grown. We usually have a special dinner but that’s about it. So, in answer to this question I guess I would have to say nothing.

2. How do you celebrate Easter?

We really don’t do anything special anymore just a good holiday dinner.

3. If you could go anywhere for Spring Break where would it be?

I have to say I love California. The weather there is usually so much better than here, especially in the summer.

4. What’s the weather like where you are right now?

It’s windy, very, very, windy and not going to be very warm today.

5. What is one goal you have for April?

I want to work on my social media followers, specifically Instagram right now.


Busy, Busy, Busy…..

Photo from: http://mariesen.dk
Photo from:

Well I have to say, school is really starting to ramp up a bit. It has already been a crazy week and next week doesn’t look much better. In a few months I should be starting my dissertation and I am beginning to fell a bit overwhelmed with the thought of it. I will continue to post throughout as often as I can but at this point in time I am not making any promises…lol. However, I am sure I will stop by every few days to the blogs I do follow. I have begun to think as many of you as friends and would not want to miss those.

Have a great day!


Cutting Your Cooling Costs

I am excited to announce my first guest post! With Spring on the way, this post has great timing too!


Everybody knows that when it’s summertime, the most miserable thing ever is to be stuck in a super-hot house with no AC. When the temperature cranks up, so does your air conditioning—and your air conditioning bill, too. However, you don’t have to shell out tons of money in order to stay cool and comfortable in the hot weather. Here are some tips on how to cut your cooling costs and use your AC in the most efficient and inexpensive way possible without losing energy and money.

Window treatment

You can choose a window treatment that is both functional and fashionable. A reason you might be losing money on your AC is because cool air is slipping out of the window cracks and/or sunlight is streaming in and warming the place up. In addition to making sure your windows are kept in good condition, you may also, want to try window treatment that will block the AC from slipping out and costing you money. Instead of turning up the AC higher and higher, first check to make sure that your windows have some sort of treatment because, according to a study, window treatments can block approximately 70% of solar energy from infiltrating your home.

Clean your AC

This should be a no-brainer, but unfortunately, it is something that many people neglect to do as frequently as they should. Cleaning your air conditioning vents ensures that your machine doesn’t have to work any harder than it needs to in order to provide cool air. When the vents are clogged, it’s more difficult for your air conditioner to push air through them. A dirty air conditioner uses more energy (and costs you more cash) than a clean one.


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, if you raise your AC temperature two degrees, it will save you 14% on energy costs. However, you might be reluctant to do that in the hot weather. Instead of turning up the AC and sweltering, purchase fans that will circulate the air through your home. Keeping cool air flow moving around your house is a great way to maintain your place at a comfortable temperature without having to continuously decrease the AC temperature and spend exorbitant amounts of money.

Shade your AC

Don’t be afraid to get into gardening. If your air conditioner is by a window, planting a tree there will both shade the unit and also will be good for the environment. The US Department of Energy claims that preventing the sun from hitting your air conditioner will increase the efficiency of your air conditioner by up to 10%. A weeping willow tree, oak tree, and/or pine would be good choices for providing maximum shade.

Program your thermostat

You don’t need air conditioning blasting 24/7. Chances are, you’re at work during the day and aren’t home anyway. If you have a pet, he or she can stand to have the house a couple degrees (try the aforementioned two degrees, which will lower your costs 14%) warmer. If you purchase a thermostat that allows you to program when the AC turns on or off, that will cut your costs immensely. Why waste AC if you’re not going to be there to relax in it?

Don’t skimp on new units

Is your air conditioner getting a little old and worse for wear? Don’t be afraid to shell out for a new one—a new unit will save costs more than spending money on a deteriorating AC that uses more energy to pump out the same amount of air. Think of a new air conditioner as an investment that will pay off in the long run. If you are looking to purchase a new unit, it is best to consult with a professional, such as Bob Heinmiller, who is a reputable Orlando air conditioner company.

There’s no need to run up a huge bill just to stay comfortable. By implementing these cost-cutting tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your air conditioner without spending any more money than you need to.

Lautaro Martinez a homeowner and family man is always looking for new ways to save. If you would like to learn more about Lautaro and his saving strategies, you can check out his google+ profile.

Going Back to Christmas!


Finally got to use our gift from the in-laws. Sadly it has taken us 2 years to get any pictures of us up in the house. There is one from our wedding in the frame that I absolutely adore. Plus other pictures of us in the last few years. I love this! Thank you Mom and Dad for the beautiful picture frame.

Have a great day!

Weekend Fun

Statue of Wyatt and Virgil Earp at the Tucson Rail Museum
Statue of Wyatt and Virgil Earp at the Tucson Rail Museum

So for Christmas my daughter got a ghost tour here in Tucson. The company is local and does these tours all the time. Tucson Ghost Tour takes you on a walking tour of downtown Tucson providing historical facts and paranormal activity in the area. This was so much fun. I think I may have even caught a couple things in my pictures. You decide for yourself. Let me know what you think.

On this one I circled the area that is on the picture. The next picture is the same one with nothing done to it.


I circled the area around the door because it looks like there may be something there. The next picture is the same picture that has not been touched.

20160116_201241 20160116_192253 20160116_192317 20160116_192233 20160116_200948 20160116_200730 20160116_201237 20160116_200957 20160116_200737 20160116_190657

Have a great Day!


Happy New Year!


This is our puppy (she is actually about 6 yrs old). On new year’s our neighbors decided to set off fireworks and she wanted nothing to do with it LOL. When she hears loud noises such as gun shots or fireworks, she gets scared and has to be right next to someone for the next 3-4 hours. On new year’s she actually crawled under the blanket (which she never does, she always sleeps at the foot of the bed) and was laying right up next to me. Poor puppy was terrified.

I never used to put much into making sure the dogs were in for the night on the fourth of July or new years until I moved in with her (my husband, Aarron had her before we met). I have never had a dog that reacted badly to loud noises. I completely understand the warnings now to bring your pets indoors on these nights.

Have a great Day!




So, Christmas is finally over! Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas? I know that I did. My hubby got a stand mixer. I have always wanted one. He also got me a wool neck protector that goes on the seat belt in the car.  I am so short the seat belt doesn’t fit me right, it always rubs on my neck and hurts if I’m in the car for too long. He has been talking about getting one for me for quite some time and finally did.

So, who is making new year’s resolutions this year? I haven’t decided if I will or not as I can’t think of anything right now that I need to change other than my weight. If you are setting a new year’s resolution this year I would love to hear what it is.

Have a great day!