How to Do Living Room Decoration

How to Do Living Room Decoration

Before you start your decorating project, you need to have a vision of what you want. Read design magazines and blogs, pay attention to paint colors and decor, and save the images that inspire you. Then, define what you like and don’t like in these images. This way, you’ll have a reference point for your living room decoration project. You will also get some fresh ideas. Hopefully, you’ll end up with a living room that matches your vision and personality.

Decorate with items you already have

If you want to update the look of your living room without spending money, consider changing the layout. The traditional living room layout includes a coffee table in the middle, sofas pushed up against walls, and a television at one end. Instead of having one piece of furniture dominate the entire room, consider moving pieces around to make it feel more spacious. You may also want to put a patterned rug under the seating area to anchor the space.

Another way to add a new look to your living room is by adding pieces you already own. For example, a simple vase of flowers on the coffee table can instantly make it look more expensive. You can even swap out the lampshades for different looks. You can also switch up the configuration of your furniture by buying secondhand pieces. If you’re not a fan of interior commitment, you may opt to buy a secondhand couch or an ottoman and change its shape.

If you want to add visual interest to a living room, you may consider using wood. Wooden furniture adds warmth and visual interest and can be used in a variety of ways, including sofa legs, side tables, movable stools, picture frames, and carved pieces of art. While you’re at it, consider adding a few vintage-style items, and don’t forget to use paint that complements the style of your furniture.

It’s important to take accurate measurements when decorating your living room. Knowing the square footage of your living room is important because you can’t buy oversized items without knowing the measurements of the room. If you’re not sure, you can draw a floor plan to see where you can fit your furniture, serving dishes, and other items. By doing so, you’ll be sure to purchase only the right size for the room.

Mix decor trends

If you want to create a fresh, new look in your living room, try mixing up the latest trends. This sweeping, eclectic look takes its cue from a rural idyll, emphasizing light colors and patterns like gingham and stripe patterns. It also incorporates delicate geometrics and French Provencal charm. Mix up your living room decoration with these trends and you’re sure to make a style statement.

Despite its name, mixing up accessories and colors is a great way to inject your personality into your living room. Head of Design at John Lewis & Partners, Philippa Prinsloo, believes that mixing and matching is a great way to give a living room a vibrant feel. She recommends a vibrant color palette for this trend. The above tips are not intended to replace a professional interior decorator’s advice.

This quirky living room by Andrew Flesher is an excellent example of how to mix and match different styles of furniture and decor. The mix of styles creates an eclectic and fun atmosphere that’s perfect for entertaining guests. The living room features eclectic paintings and frames that complement the rest of the room. While the rest of the room remains subdued, it still makes an impact. The designer used various materials and textures in his living room, ranging from metal to rattan to fabric.

Add art

Adding art to your living room decoration can be a great way to add a unique touch to the space. This type of art comes in many different forms and doesn’t have to be limited to paintings on your walls. Instead, it could also be a unique collection of your favorite things. A statement piece in a prominent area like above the sofa, or a wall facing the entrance, can reflect your priorities and design style. If you have bare walls, consider hanging a large work of art on a wall to maximize its impact.

The most common way to hang artwork is in a square or rectangular frame. But, when it comes to living room decoration, consider buying art that has a different shape. Round and rectangular pieces of art can elevate a living room. Adding both of these pieces can help you achieve a cohesive look and also save you money. Summer Thornton, an interior designer, suggests that you can use traditional pieces as the core of your decor, but throw them off.

Another great way to add art to your living room is to create a mosaic. Mosaics of fun messages will look great on the walls of your living room. Putting them on the walls will give them a cozy vibe. You can also create a focal point with pictures and geometric patterns. For an extra-personal touch, consider adding an inspirational message or a special someone’s name to a piece of art.

While hanging large pieces of art on your walls, you should consider the size of the pieces you want to display. A long wall can make the placement of the pieces difficult, and it’s best to choose works with complementary colors. Wall shelves also provide a natural perimeter for hanging wall art. Smaller framed artworks and a series of abstract paintings will look great on a wall. You can even add a plant wall to showcase a green thumb. A plant wall will also provide clean air and beauty to the room.

Decorate with candles

Using candles in your living room is a great way to add some ambiance to the space. They can be placed alone or grouped with other decorative items like small lamps, vases, and flowers. You can even place them in trays made of wood, marble, or concrete. A single tall candle can add an elegant touch to the room. Alternatively, you can place multiple candles in a larger holder for a more illuminating effect.

Decorative candle holders are great for displaying candles. Glass candle holders look elegant on any living room table. Candles can be grouped in clusters of varying sizes, shapes, and colors. Designer candle scones are also a great way to add ambiance to a space. If you want to save some money, you can also make your candle holders out of scrap material. A candle holder will not only add charm to your living room but will also make your living room look sophisticated.

If you have modern windows, you can still decorate the room with candles. Just remember to use flameless votive candles because real flames may damage your drapes or blinds. If you don’t want to risk harming your curtains or blinds, you can also use wall-mounted candle holders. Alternatively, you can use a flat surface as a base for your candle holders. Aside from the wall, you can also set the candle holders on a shelf for a more decorative look.

A beautiful candle can look fantastic on your living room coffee table. It adds an extra dimension to the space and gives a warm glow. Oversized candles can make a lovely centerpiece, and you can keep them in a large glass jar to prevent them from spilling over. Alternatively, you can put them on a coffee or side table, where they will remain safe and look elegant. As with all decorative pieces, make sure to use non-flammable materials to protect your home.

Maximize space

When doing living room decoration, think about how you can use the available space and create an open feel. Keeping furniture simple and sleek is a great way to maximize space. If you have a large living room, you can pull the furniture closer to the walls to create a more intimate space. However, if your living room is narrow, you may want to opt for more elaborate designs. To make the most of your space, consider placing a large statement piece of art on the wall, instead of on the floor.

Corners are often underutilized spaces, but they can be used to create additional seating. Place a small entertainment center in the corner, and hang your favorite artwork on the wall above. Smaller furniture will also help you make the room appear taller. By using small, high-quality pieces of furniture, you can make your living room seem larger than it is. Using corner shelving is also a great way to utilize small areas.

Using mirrors in the living room can also create an illusion of space. Mirrors make any room appear taller, which can help maximize space. You can use the mirror to reflect the natural light from the windows, giving the room a spacious appearance. The bottom line is to make every inch of space usable! Make sure to choose a large mirror for the area below. In addition to using mirrors to enhance your living room, you should consider adding wall sconces for additional illumination.

Don’t place furniture too close to the wall. If your living room is narrow, place a console behind the sofa instead of placing it next to the wall. It will help keep the ceiling level throughout the room. In addition to recessed lighting, natural light is your friend when it comes to living room decoration. Avoid blocking the windows with furniture, such as the TV. Instead, choose light-colored sheer curtains to let in natural light.


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