Baseboard Heater – Ceramic Or Electric?

baseboard heater vs ceramic

When it comes to heating your home, there are many options available. However, one of the most popular types is a baseboard heater. It’s also one of the most affordable and provides good heat. However, several questions need to be answered when it comes to purchasing one. The most important question is whether to go with a ceramic or electric unit.

Radiant heat

Radiant heat baseboard heaters are a great way to heat a room and reduce your energy bills. There are several types of these heaters, however, and choosing the right one for your home is important.

The most popular form of radiant heating is hot water-based, but you can also choose electric baseboard heat. In either case, the system requires a professional installation. You’ll need to determine whether your existing flooring can support the weight. Also, you’ll need to consider your budget.

A hydronic (liquid-based) system is a good choice for areas where electricity is expensive. It’s more efficient than electric baseboard heaters, but it requires a higher initial investment.

An underfloor radiant system is also an option. It’s ideal for remodels. However, it isn’t recommended for homes with an existing floor.

While hot water baseboard heaters are a convenient option, they are susceptible to dust bunnies and leaks. As with any type of heating system, you should have your plumbing and subfloor professionally inspected every year.

Space heater

A space heater is an effective way to warm up a cold room. It also works well in rooms that are not a natural heat source, such as a garage or basement. You can find a wide variety of different types of space heaters on the market. Choosing a heater depends on the type of room you want to heat and your budget.

If you live in a small home with a few rooms, a ceramic space heater is an ideal choice. These units are small and easy to move. They also have a fan to help them distribute the heat. The fan speeds up the heat and can make them much more effective.

Another good choice is an electric space heater with a fan. Some of these models come with adjustable settings for fan speed. Others have wheels that allow you to easily carry the unit to where you need it.


If you have an older house, you may be considering installing an electric baseboard heater. This type of heat source is more efficient and less expensive than other heating systems. It is often used in basements or other rooms that don’t have central heating.

The electric baseboard heater comes in a variety of sizes. These devices are easy to install and they don’t require ductwork. However, they can become very hot. It’s important to keep them clean to ensure they’re functioning properly.

Unlike ceramic heaters, they use less electricity. They are also more portable and can be plugged into an outlet almost anywhere. Another advantage of this type of heater is that they don’t take up much room.

Another advantage of this type of heat source is that it provides a gradual, steady stream of heat to a room. Many homeowners prefer this type of heating.

Electric baseboard heaters come in a variety of voltage options. Most are rated for a 120-volt circuit. Other units require hard wiring into a 240-volt line.


If you’re planning to replace your baseboard heater, you need to know how much the replacement will cost. There are a few factors that may influence the price, including the type of heater and the size of your room.

Electric baseboard heaters start at about $379 and reach up to $1,247. This includes installation materials and labor. Depending on the size of your room, it might be necessary to hardwire your heater into your electrical system.

Electric baseboard heaters should be free of moisture and debris. It’s important to clean them regularly, especially if there are pets or children in your home. Cleaning the unit will also make it more efficient.

When replacing a unit, be sure to check the clearance from the unit to the furniture in the room. Ideally, the furniture should be at least a foot away from the heater. Furniture in the front of the baseboard heater can cause a fire, so if you’re not sure, ask a professional.