Clean Living Round-up

It seems to me that as much as I try, my hubby just doesn’t like what I have been doing. What I mean by this, is that I am working toward a cleaner way of living and he is reluctant to go with it. He grew up with things being done a certain way and likes to have things done a certain way. In other words, he doesn’t like change. Of course who does really?

What I have found is that if I make small changes, he seems to take to them better. I have been working on growing more of our food with a garden and the animals that we have here. This has helped some and by making these changes small and gradual, I seem to be getting better results from the hubs.  I have been looking around the internet lately trying to find some other small changes that I can make to household items that we use all the time.  Here is what I have found. has a lot of good information such as this oven cleaner. Using the ingredients listed one can clean the oven overnight without toxic chemicals.  I tried this one not long ago and I love how well it works. Plus, since I do most of the cleaning, hubby doesn’t mind this change because it’s not something he does anyhow.

They also have a good window cleaner that uses natural ingredients.  There are many other good recipes on this site to help you start the journey to a cleaner life as well. This would be a great resource for anyone looking for this type of information.

Another big area for clean living, is the food you eat every day. I’ve been over this before and this is where the hubby really rears his head because he likes what he likes and doesn’t like to try new things.  We have been slowly working on this one over the last few years and I have to say that raising our own food has been a blessing in this regard. has some good information in this post about clean eating. I think the one things about this article that really got to me is this: if it’s in a package, it is likely processed at least some.  The basic idea behind clean eating is that your food should look like food when you buy it. This means it will be something that will rot if you don’t use it within a certain amount of time (usually a week or 2).

However, if you’re looking for a quick start guide, The Balanced Life Online may have what you are looking for.

The basic idea behind green living is to remove toxins that we don’t need from our home and our bodies. I would definitely recommend starting small. Don’t try to do everything at once. When we do, many times we will become over whelmed and just give up. However, doing small steps will make it easier for all in the household to make the transition. And I will continue to work on the Hubby too.

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