Garden Success


I’m not completely sure this tree will ever bear fruit. I am still hopeful, but it really doesn’t look good.

My cabbage is still growing. I need to look up how to know when it’s ready to harvest. I don’t think that it is yet but it should be getting close.


I can’t wait to start getting cucumbers from this plant. It has quite a few flowers on it right now so hopefully they will start to form very soon.

I have several sunflowers that have bloomed now. I’ve never had fresh sunflower seeds so if anyone has a good way to make them better let me know please. This is a new one for me but I look forward to the harvest.

This is the biggest cabbage I have growing. I keep thinking it should be just about ready to harvest, but I need to find more information on this to be sure.

We didn’t have any luck with this garden bed. Hubby is going to build me some more boxes to use in this area to see if I can make it work that way.

The lettuce is ready to use not and the brussels sprouts are coming along nicely. I can’t wait for these to start coming in. This is probably one of my favorite veggies.

Can you see my tomato there? It’s there I promise. I know it’s still small but it’s growing none the less. So farĀ  it’s the only one but I am still hoping for more.


Have a great day!




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