Quick pull Chopper

This quick pull chopper is similar to the 4-cup chopper I posted about earlier. This one though is smaller and has 2 cups that you can put things into so you can literally chop 2 things at once! How awesome is that?

chopper http://fave.co/2cPxNvV

This chopper also has a different lid for it that will hold a grater and other slicers to be used like a mandolin slicer. This whole thing is dishwasher safe, but I think I would still recommend hand washing the lid on this one because of the pull cord. I have yet to find anything wrong with this chopper. The construction is good, but I still would try not to drop it lol.

You can get this quick pull chopper here on Amazon.

chopper http://fave.co/2cPxNvV

All in all I am loving this chopper as well. It works well and does many different things. I believe this is going to replace several items in my kitchen simply because it is easier to use. The booklet that comes with it says the lid is dishwasher safe, but because of the pull cord in the lid, I still hand wash this one too.

Have a great day!


I received this item for free or at a discount for my honest review.



  • Interesting. I might have to look into this one because I have trouble holding/gripping on to things when I chop. It has become much harder over the last two years. I’m wondering though is the pull cord fairly easy to pull?

    • It is as long as the item in it is somewhat soft. The harder the item is, the harder it’s going to be to pull. For olives and onions it was pretty easy to pull.

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