Hurting Heart Today

I come to you with a heavy heart today. I am hurting. The United States is hurting. The tragedy in Dallas was completely uncalled for. The police are there to protect us yet they were targeted yesterday in a very cruel and calculated way.

United We are Not. ALL Lives Matter

We are supposed to be the United States of America, but right now United we are not. We need to look past the differences and see that we are all human. In this respect we are ALL one race! The human race. We need to come together to stop the violence again humans. We need to remember that ALL live matter! Black, brown, white, blue, green, yellow; We ALL matter!

Discrimination is learned. We need to stop teaching this. We need to learn to love one another. Yes, I know that sounds very cliche but it’s true. We need to get back to our roots of loving our neighbor and helping others out. We need to stop blaming everyone else for our problems and start working toward fixing them instead.

United we stand. Divided we Fall.

We need to teach our children respect. Respect for others, respect for weapons, respect in general. We need to remember what made this nation great so many years ago. We need to stop being offended at everything others say or do and remember that it is these differences that make humans unique.

We need more understanding and less arguing. Let us not take our cue from Congress who can’t see any issue eye to eye. We need to understand that every person sees things differently and this is what makes us great!

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of the fighting and the killing. We need to learn to love again. That is the only way this hatred of everything is going to stop. We need to stop pushing one’s views on the everyone else and realize that we can have different opinions. We need to find compromise rather than EXPECTING others to see things our way.

People, we need to remember that all lives matter, no matter what color, race, religion, job…. The list can go on and on, we just need to remember we are all humans.




  • It’s really about time things change.

    • I agree completely. This treating each other like we are from different worlds is getting ridiculous! And the shootings…it’s crazy.

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