Fairy Rings

fairy ring 2

Have you ever seen a fairy ring? I did, once a long time ago. Do you know what a fairy ring is? Supposedly it was created by the fairies as a way into the fairy realm. They were supposed to have come up seemingly overnight. Some see these as a bad omen and will go no where near them. Others  can feel the magic in the area.

One of the first things you will learn as a Pagan is that all you do should begin with casting a circle. This is a barrier to keep negative vibrations out of the area one is working in. Pagans deal in positive energy so negative energy just wouldn’t be a good thing to get into an area you are working in.

fairy ring

The fairy ring is a place of power. I know that many think it is a bad omen or dark forces at work, but in reality it is just Mother Nature doing her thing. For some Pagans this is simply a natural circle for working with positive energy. However, I do not know if all Pagans feel this way.

Anyway, this came up on my feed on Facebook and I thought it was beautiful picture of what Mother Nature can do.

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