Rough Week

Taken 5/5/16
Taken 5/5/16

Well this last week has been pretty rough. I’m sure you’ve probably noticed I was absent for a few days and there is a reason for it. My daughter moved out and I have lost 3 chickens over the last few days.


My daughter moving out was actually a cause for celebration as I never thought I would see the day. She is the traditional millennial in that she doesn’t have a job, but now does have a place to live other than my house. However, the down side to this is that I believe she will be back home within a few weeks. I pray that I am wrong about this, but somehow I doubt it. She doesn’t have a job or a phone to leave for a contact number so…. yeah.

Second, is the chickens. I have lost 3 chickens this last week and I am not exactly sure why. They seem fine…right up until they’re not. I’ve been talking to several breeders and store owners but so far we can’t seem to figure out why. I’m thinking I will need to try antibiotics or something but I just don’t know.

So, yeah, this last week has been pretty rough. I am optimistic that this week will be better, but we shall see. I do however, finish my class in Wednesday meaning only 4 to go until I’m done. Hopefully sometime next week I will be able to post an update on my grade in this class but that depends on when the professor posts the final grade (they have a week to do so, but some have taken longer).


Have a great day!





  • Sounds like it has been a craptastic week. Hopefully your daughter figures things out fast!

    • Yeah it really was. I hope so too, but unfortunately I do expect her back home within 2 months tops. So far this week is starting out much better though thankfully.

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