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Today is all about success! The picture above is the lettuce that we planted back in January. As you can see, it did amazingly well. I actually cut it back last month before adding fertilizer and it is in the process of growing back now. When I cut it back, I cut it back to the stalks. It looked like this:


Taken 04/16/16
Taken 04/16/16

Then I added the fertilizer and now it looks like this:

Taken 04/27/16
Taken 04/27/16

As you can see it is starting to come back. That is why this is my success story for today. I’ve always heard that with certain vegetables such as lettuce and onions, you can replant the roots. So I figured if you could replant them, then why couldn’t you cut it back and have it regrow.

When the lettuce first started growing, it was amazing. There are actually supposed to be 5 different types of lettuce in this mix that we used. You could taste each one and every bowl was different. I would definitely recommend this blend of lettuce. Of course there are also other blends or you can purchase just the types you want as well.

I am hoping that as this grows back, it will taste just as amazing as it did before. The full plant was so pretty, especially once it bloomed. Plus, I was able to collect some of the seeds so I can plant it again  if needed. I guess I just need to wait till it grows back a little more to try it again.

Have a great day!




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