Blogging from A to Z – O

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O is for Once in a lifetime Opportunity!

So, this morning Aarron and I were sitting in the house when we start hearing a noise. Aarron asked if it was a blow torch. I said it was just the neighbors moving their trash cans (which was odd because it was like 7am and they don’t usually start moving around until after 5pm). After listening to this noise for a few more minutes, Aarron says it is a hot air balloon. I thought “no way” so I opened the door and the hot air balloon was right above us. So low that I could see the people in the basket. Aarron told me to get my camera and take pictures, by this time it was a little further away. But these are the pictures I got.









It landed in the road right up the street from us from what I can tell. This is a Once in a lifetime Opportunity because they are not usually this close to the houses in the area. They usually fly and land about 15 miles from here in the cotton fields. What a neat thing to see.

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