Rhode Island White Chickens
Rhode Island White Chickens

A couple weeks ago we got some new chickens for the coop, however I am finding that putting them together may be an issue. We got 9 Rhode Island White chickens for the coop. They are only about 2 months old. This means that we have about 4 months before they will start laying eggs.

New babies to the coop
New babies to the coop

I think even though they are simply white, I like them. The others that we have had for about 8 months and they have been providing eggs for probably almost 3 months as we have been on a huge learning curve here. We were under the assumption that if we had them in a pen with something to lay on, they would lay eggs. This is not the case. They have to have a box, which is why we did the coop remodel about 3 months ago.

Rhode Island Red
Rhode Island Red

We have 3 Rhode Island Red chickens at about 8 months old. The ducks have been raised with them since we got them. We thought we had a male and a female duck, but apparently we have two female ducks because both are laying eggs now. At the moment we are getting 4-5 eggs a day. The eggs are AMAZING!! You can totally tell the difference between them and the store bought eggs.

This is meena
This is meena (My daughter calls her Meleena. She started as Milo)

These ladies (every one of them) are being raised on layer crumble, scratch, and kitchen scraps. They seem to like the kitchen scraps better than anything else though. I will have to try to get pictures of them going after the kitchen scraps. It’s kind of amusing.

This is Tina
This is Tina. (She started as Otis)

So far all of the chickens are doing good. I am looking forward to the Rhode Island White chickens getting bigger so we can try to introduce them to the bigger cage with the box. We shall see how that goes though at a later date.


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