It’s St. David’s Day!

So, What is St. David’s Day anyway?

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From what I can tell St. David is a patron of Wales. He lived there for many years and died on March 1st. This is why the patron is celebrated on this day. It is said that he lived a very simple life and taught people to abstain from meat and beer. It is reported that he lived to be over 100 years old.

St. David founded about 12 monasteries in his time and became the archbishop in Jerusalem. His most notable miracle was during his preaching at the Synod of Brefi. The people in back could not hear him and the ground began to tremble and raised him up on a hill so that all could hear him better.

St. David was poisoned by monks at his monastary and lived. He also restored the sight of his tutor. He is thought to have died on March 1st in 589 AD and was buried at his cathedral in Pembrokshire.

St. David was named the St. patron of Wales in the 12th century and was canonised by Pope Callixtus in 1120.

The Leek became a welsh symbol after the battle against the Saxons because he told all Welsh warriors to wear a leek around the neck so that they could tell the Saxons from themselves. They won this battle.

Today, St. David’s Day is celebrated in Wales with parades and by wearing either the national symbol of Wales, the daffodil or a leek. Many times traditional costumes of Wales are worn and children celebrate through dance, poems, and folk song. Concerts are general held at the schools.

So, what is St. David’s Day? It is a welsh holiday to celebrate St. David who actually lived in the area for most of his life.

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The information for this post is from: St. David’s Day 2016


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