Well once again I have failed at gardening. I’m not sure why I continue to try as most times the outcome is not very good, but I do. I try and I try and I try. And I fail.

I think the reason I keep trying is because I learn something new each time I fail. I do some more research to find out why I failed this time, then I try again. I think I have learned this time that I cannot re-pot a plant…lol. It seems that every time I try to do this, I get this result


Although I have to say that there is some green there. The basil and the cilantro are trying to grow. I have not given up on these two as I know they are still trying so I will continue to try as well. I have always wanted a garden to be proud of and one day I will have it!

When I begin my planting season this year, I am going to make sure I start them where they will grow. This way I won’t have to re-pot anything and will give it a better chance at survival. Instead of planting in the ground (as the dirt here doesn’t seem to do well for plants) I am going to try pots this time around. I have some of the pots already and will use more the tires around the yard to make more planters┬álike these.


In the next few weeks, I will be posting about the new planting season here. I know that with what I have learned this time, I hope to have a more successful season this year. I am going organic and will not use any chemicals on the garden at all. I am trying to provide more healthy meals for my family and hope that this will help to make it easier.

I look forward to keeping you updated on my successes and my failures in this endeavor. I know that I will learn a lot more from this season and I hope that I can provide useful information to you as well. Of course as always, if you have any suggestions to help me along I will gladly take them. I have had a black thumb rather than a green thumb for a long time, but I am working to change that. And slowly, but surely, it is getting better. So, I will continue to work on it and on myself to get better.






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