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Today I Unplug

This week the challenge for growth prompt is the unplug for a little bit each day. I have actually been doing this one for a couple weeks now. I find that I accomplish more in a day if I limit my online time. This includes being online with my phone. Most days around 3pm I put my phone on the charger and shut down the computer. I am finding that me and my husband spend quality time together because of this. I make sure to get my school work done and my work on my blog done before this time and the rest of the day is me and my family.

The first few days this was pretty difficult. I kept thinking about my email and responses on my blog and how I would have too much to contend with the next day. However, I am finding that checking my email only once or twice a day is perfectly O.K. No one is getting upset with me for not responding right away. I am finding that when I take a little time for me (with no technology) I am feeling better and moving more. I have actually lost almost 5 pounds just by getting away from the computer.

So this challenge started out as a challenge, but has actually made improvements in the quality of life that I am living. I think this is something that we should all do. Get away from the computer for a little bit every day.

Have a great day!





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