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Are you a night owl or are you the early bird?

Last year I would have said I was a night owl. My hubby and I would be out until 3 or 4 in the morning playing a game we enjoyed together. However, lately, with taking care of my dad and the hubby working a day job we are now usually up around 630 am (ugh!) While I despise being up so early, I am finding that I tend to accomplish more every day.

What’s your most productive time of day?

I think my most productive time of day is still early to late afternoon. In the mornings I have little ambition to do much of anything until I have had my coffee (usually about a pot!). Then I get busy on my schoolwork and then I get to work on my blog. After which I do some housework and then start dinner so that it is ready when the hubby gets home around 6pm.

When do you do your best work?

I still believe that I do my best work at night or early evening. This may just be because that is when I usually sit down with my day planner and plan out my next day. I think I seem to get my best ideas at night.

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