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So this is where I am off to this weekend. I am terrified! How does one make such a journey when one has anxiety? I am hoping that all my worry is for naught and all with be fine as it was on the way to and from Oklahoma last year. My husband Aarron, has been so good to me about my anxiety. He has been working all morning to get our Kia hooked to the back of the RV so that I don’t have to drive it to Douglas. We are going to spend the weekend with his family. We wanted to go last night but he has to work tomorrow (he does however have today off :). Since he has to work tomorrow we are going to spend Thanksgiving with my family and go spend the weekend with his. Hopefully Christmas will work out better for us.

When we went to Oklahoma last year, I did fine on the way there and the way back. I got a little anxious when we would go through the bigger cities like, Dallas and El Paso, but for the most part I did just fine. I’m not sure what the difference is with the RV instead of a vehicle but it didn’t seem to affect me as much. Living where I do, most of the time the freeway is off limits but put me in the RV and everything seemed to be fine.

I have to say I am looking forward to this trip, I just hope that I don’t make the trip longer than what it has to be. 2 hours one way is a bit much for me to be in a car. I know that we will likely stop at least once on the way there which will help a bit too. I’m probably worrying over nothing, just like last year….


Happy Thanksgiving to all