October 15 Daily Prompt

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A True Saint.”

Photo from: lovethefaith.com
Photo from: lovethefaith.com

Me a saint? I highly doubt it would happen. I don’t think I have ever been good enough (yet) to achieve sainthood, but later on, who knows… I would love to see my name as a saint of kindness or caring. I try to help those I can every day. Probably more close to correct would be saint of forgetfulness or accidents (seeing as I am so accident prone…LOL). Forgetfulness because if I don’t write it down in my planner (which I did decide on one to try out for a bit), it just flat out doesn’t happen. I am so good at this that my husband will tell me to set an alarm or write it down.

Accidents…hmmm. where to start. You wanna talk accidents…let’s see…how about dislocating my kneecap by getting out of the car. Yes, I did this several years back. I stood up out of the car and my knee popped and I couldn’t walk on it. Ended up in a cast for 6 weeks. Or how about cutting your hand while chopping vegetables? I don’t mean the hand your holding the vegetables with either, I’m talking the hand you’re holding the knife with…LOL yes, I am that good! How about cutting your side with a box cutter? Did that one too. Took forever to heal because every time I would reach up for something ( and only being 4′ 11″ that is A LOT…LOL) it would break open again. I could go on and on about accidents…yes, I’m definitely accident prone.

Have a great day!


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