All You Need to Know About Patagonia Lake

All You Need to Know About Patagonia Lake

I have very fond memories of my youth going to Patagonia Lake. My cousins, brothers, sisters, and I would play on the banks of the lake and occasionally receive a hook in the foot if we were brave enough to go barefoot (which we did quite often…LOL). The bridge especially brings back good memories of my cousin Gene and me fishing the day away. One day we caught so many bluegills! My uncle was very surprised at this and decided we would have them for dinner.

I have recently been back from a camping trip a couple of months ago and still love the place. I could remember different spots where different things happened to one of us kids when I was young. I love taking my children here to make more memories with them. On this last trip, my daughter’s friend fell in the lake while trying to get pictures of the fish Kira (my daughter) caught.

Kira by one shore

We taught my husband how to fish on this trip, unfortunately, the only thing he did catch was a hook to the face. Thankfully it wasn’t deep and was easy to remove. We will have to keep working on this I think (which of course means more trips to the lake!).

Aaron in the middle of the bridge

The only bad part of the whole trip was that there was only about an hour of sunshine on Saturday. Of course, this is also a good thing. If it had not rained most of the time there it would have been too hot for much of anything else with temps in the summertime at 100 or above. Even with the rain though, it was still an amazing trip and I got to share a part of my childhood with my daughter and my husband. Thank you Daily Post for the opportunity to share these pictures.


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