Evil happens

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wicked Witch.”

Photo from: cdn.tripwiremagazine.com
Photo from: cdn.tripwiremagazine.com

So today’s prompt is to write about evil. I have chosen to write about how it has manifested in the world. We hear every day on the news something bad has happened to someone. Every Day! Has the world gone crazy? In a word, YES! I’m really not sure when this happened but it did. How have school shootings become normal? When I was younger, this never happened. No one had to worry about sending their children to school. Hell, I walked a mile to and from school every day. Now, there is no way I would let my kids do that. To many “stranger danger” sightings.

One has to ask how this happened. Some feel that religion being pushed out of everything has caused this. Other feel that it’s the lack of parental control. Personally I subscribe to the second reason. I mean, is religion important? Yes, but this is a personal decision not a public one. I say that the loss of control for the parent has bred children that have no respect. In my younger days a person would not have taken a gun to school for fear of his or her parents and the consequences they would face with them. My parents spanked me when I did wrong and I grew up pretty good I think.

Yes, there are people who take discipline to far. These are the one’s that should be punished, not the parents that spanks a child. It takes a village to raise a child. I know that we have all heard this and it is true. My friends parents wouldn’t have hesitated to spank me if I had done something wrong and they were the one to see it. Now if one were to try it, he or she would go to jail. There is no village anymore, only kids running wild with no respect because we have lost our ability to instill this in our children. And just think, these children will be caring for us when we get old. That is a scary thought!

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