Finished Planters
Finished Planters

I have a bunch of old tires laying around the yard so I thought I would make use of them. I decided I wanted to make a couple planters. What I used was 4 tires (2 approximately the same size) and 4 cans of spray paint. I believe this is probably one of the cheapest ways to do this, but you could also glue rope around the outside of the tire on the tread or any other way you could imagine to decorate them.

4 cans spray paint. Approximately 1 can per tire.
4 cans spray paint. Approximately 1 can per tire.
4 old tires
4 old tires

Clean the tires if needed by spraying them down good with water.

Project 3

Spray paint the tires and let dry for about 24 hrs.

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That was the fun part! Once the tires dry:

Project 7 Project 6 Project 5 Project 4 20150925_130825 20150925_130224 20150923_173811 20150923_173803 20150923_173756 20150923_172419

Stack two tires together and fill with potting soil.

20150925_130228 1443211670831 1443211439311 20150925_130224 20150925_130218

Wet the soil down really good.

20150925_130809 20150925_130757

Plant the seeds and wait!

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I thought it would take about 2 weeks before we started seeing anything, but apparently my daughter has a green thumb.


We had sprouts in the one she planted within two days! Mine on the other hand still has nothing…LOL. Guess I should leave the gardening to her.

Hopefully I have inspired some creativity in you. Just remember, creativity does not have to be expensive. This whole project took about $40.00. All I had to buy was  the soil and spray paint, but you have rope lying around you could glue that to the tread and still have a beautiful upcycled planter!

Have a great day!



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