Make over your Morning Day 13

Day 13: What to do when you fail (Because we all do!) “Failure is nothing but evidence that you’re trying” Crystal Paine Money Saving Mom Step 1: Does your morning routine need to be tweaked? No. Not at this stage. Step 2: This is not the time to scrap the plan completely (unless it’s simply not […]

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Make over your Morning Day 12

Day 12: Building Endurance and strength + Eliminating Decision Fatigue Step 1: What daily decisions stress you out? Meal planning Chores Step 2: Make a time to create a system to make these easiwer. On the calendar for Saturday morning. Step 3: Set a goal for how many days you will stick to your morning […]

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Make of your Morning Day 9

Day 9 of the Make over your Morning course is about creating the morning routine. Step 1: List 8-10 things to include in your “ideal” morning routine. Excercise Blog devotion Gratitude journal School Shower Dress Coffee Dad Step 2: Trim down to the most important 3 -5. Devotion Gratitude Journal Excercise Blog School Step 3: Ensure you […]

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