Halloween/ Samhain – What is it?

Halloween started as the Pagan holiday Samhain. This is the celebration of the new year in Paganism. However, it’s slowly be changed into a wonderful children’s holiday here in the United States. Samhain So, how did this holiday come about? Well it appears to have started as Celtic Pagan tradition of celebrating what is the […]

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Columbus Day

Is Columbus Day going away? It definitely sounds like it will be. For Americans, Columbus Day celebrates Christopher Columbus and his “finding America”. However, have you ever asked an American Indian what he or she thinks of Christopher Columbus? Several places are beginning to move away from Columbus Day because most indigenous people don’t much […]

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It’s St. Patrick’s Day!

Have you ever wondered how St. Patrick’s started? Well it appears that St. Patrick’s Day actually started as a roman catholic holiday to recognize St. Patrick (who died on the 17th of March) who entered the priesthood at the age of twenty after escaping from slave traders (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/st-patricks-day-2016_us_56e99e81e4b0b25c91842a6b).   This holiday celebrates the heritage and […]

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