Garden Sprayer

I have to say, I have so many hoses in my yard it’s ridiculous! The problem is, we have one spigit at the wrong end of the house (I will have to show pictures of this some day). So I have adapters for more hoses, it’s actually kinda comical to look at it. Anyhow, I got a garden sprayer the other day which is really nice.

Garden Sprayer

The set comes with the sprayer, 2 quick connectors, washers, and O rings. This set is really nice because I use the hose up front of the house for watering the tree and we use it to wash cars and whatever else needs it. So having a sprayer on this hose is a pain.

This one made things so much easier though. To put it on, you just push it in until it clicks. To take it off, you pull down on the quick connector and pull it out. Simple! I love simple.

Garden Sprayer

So now, we have a sprayer on the hose when we need it, and when I use it to water the tree it takes no time at all to remove it. We now have the best of both worlds. It’s amazing.

If you would like to get your own quick release garden sprayer you can do so here. I promise, if you use one hose for many different things it will come in handy to have the quick connector.

I got this other set a while back (see it here), that I still use, but I like this one better. The other one I got has the quick connectors, but the whole set is plastic. The good thing about this new set is that it is more metal (especially in the needed places). So, while I do like and use both sets, I think that I am liking this new one a little more.

Have a great day!


Green House


This is what my husband did for me this weekend. We found this green house for sale at Tractor Supply Co. Aarron knew I have wanted one for a while now so when we saw the price on this one we had to jump at it.


If I remember correctly, Aarron said it was about 6ft l x 10ft h. Now I just have to fill it…lol. Of course that is going to be the fun part. I’m just not sure if I want to start from scratch on all of the plants or just order some from Burpee. I like my second choice better, but I don’t know if we will have the money to do it right now.


Something I will have to talk over with Aarron before doing either though. I am just so happy to have this! And I think Aarron was happy to be able to do something this weekend seeing as he has been down pretty much since breaking his leg.

Have a great day!


Fairy Rings

fairy ring 2

Have you ever seen a fairy ring? I did, once a long time ago. Do you know what a fairy ring is? Supposedly it was created by the fairies as a way into the fairy realm. They were supposed to have come up seemingly overnight. Some see these as a bad omen and will go no where near them. Others  can feel the magic in the area.

One of the first things you will learn as a Pagan is that all you do should begin with casting a circle. This is a barrier to keep negative vibrations out of the area one is working in. Pagans deal in positive energy so negative energy just wouldn’t be a good thing to get into an area you are working in.

fairy ring

The fairy ring is a place of power. I know that many think it is a bad omen or dark forces at work, but in reality it is just Mother Nature doing her thing. For some Pagans this is simply a natural circle for working with positive energy. However, I do not know if all Pagans feel this way.

Anyway, this came up on my feed on Facebook and I thought it was beautiful picture of what Mother Nature can do.

Have a great day!


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Garden Success!


Do you see that? I have Strawberries! After checking this morning, I have 4 strawberries growing, I have flowers on my cucumber plant and on the pumpkin plant. I am so excited! Other than the lettuce I have not been able to grow anything until now! I knew that talking to Grandpa would help. Even our tree is growing really good.

Although I can’t take all the credit, my daughter has helped (before she moved out) with some of it – especially the lettuce. And I got a new tool to use, because I thought I was over watering – which I was. But I picked up this nifty hygrometer.


It’s amazing how well it works. I am hoping that now that I know how much I am watering that my plants will do better. I know that I feel better about it now because I am not guessing on whether they need to be watered or not. I know if they need it or not. So hopefully, on my next update on the garden, I will be able to show beautiful, healthy plants (maybe with a little fruit or veggies on them too).

Have a great day!


Why You Should Use Organic Seeds in Your Garden


So, I’ve talked about organic fertilizer and why we should go organic now it’s time to talk seeds. I know that seeds seem pretty insubstantial in the grand scheme of things, but if your garden is only as good as its seeds. I think the main reason I would suggest organic seeds is this, regular seeds are retrieved from plants that had chemicals and pesticides used on them. BUT, organic seeds have a better chance of being done in an organic environment too.

I get all my seeds through Burpee. I’ve dealt with them for a few years now and everything they sell is good quality and their customer service is good as well. They have a whole section on their site dedicated to organics and you find it right here. They have just about anything you could look for as far as seeds are concerned, but they also sell starter plants too.
Organic Sunflower Seeds

Anyway, back to the reasons for organic seeds. When plants are grown with chemicals and pesticides, the seeds will carry these chemicals as well. While regular seeds will probably still do well in a garden (even an organic one), these chemicals will still transfer to the plants grown from the seeds. So, for a truly organic garden, one needs to start with organic seeds.
Organic Gourmet Blend Lettuce

Starting with organic seeds means that your garden will truly be an organic garden. No chemical, no pesticides that have leeched into the seeds because they were grown that way. In other words, you will know what went into your seeds and you will know what is coming out of your seeds.

The best organic gardens start with the best organic materials. This would be seeds, soil, fertilizer, and pest killers (yes there are organics for that too, we’ll get into that next time). All organic materials will provide an all organic garden, which in turn will provide all organic fruits and veggies for you and your family.

Have a great day!