Christmas Day

Have you ever wondered where Christmas Day came from? Would you believe that it really isn’t the day that Jesus was born?

Where did our Christmas day traditions come from? Well, the holiday started as a Pagan holiday. The winter solstice was a time to celebrate the rebirth of the sun. As the days begin to get longer and the land reawakens in spring.  Of course, no one really knows when Jesus was born. However, some clues given in the Bible seem to suggest summer or fall as travel during winter in that time was very difficult.

So, how did Christmas come to be? Well, the Romans celebrated Saturnalia around this time of year. Would you believe this is where the Christmas tree came from?  It was customary for Saturnalia, to bring a tree inside and adorn it with stars and and suns. One would also hand greenery around windows and doors. Again this was a celebration of to honor the God of Sowing, Saturn.


The Germans celebrate Krampusnacht. A horned devil, Krampus, punishes the children who have been naughty with a switch.  It is thought that this was a celebration of a horned god of the Pagans. Some stories say that Santa Claus gave gifts to the good children and Krampus punished the naughty children.  I don’t know about you, but I think with the image above, I would have been a good child growing up.

Santa Claus

Yule, is celebrated by the Vikings. The yule celebration was to celebrate Odin. Odin would ride around the world on an 8-legged horse to deliver presents. This is where Santa’s 8 reindeer came from. The Christmas ham represents the boar that Freya rides.

Odin, do you see the resemblance to Santa Claus?

St. Nicholas was a bishop in Turkey who would give presents of gold to the poor. One story states that he dropped the gold down the chimney and it landed in a stocking that had been hung to dry (this is why we hang stockings at Christmas). This story, over the years morphed into “Sinterklaas” which later became Santa Claus.

When Christianity began to take hold, Christmas was actually banned because it was a Pagan holiday. However, the priest’s found that if the holidays overlapped, people would be more likely to convert to Christianity. So, Christmas is actually a Pagan holiday and not the day that Jesus was born. Who would’ve thought?

So anyways, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, no matter what you celebrate!

Happy Yule



Great Weekend

Oh my gosh! I got to see my son this last weekend. Now mind you I haven’t seen this kid since he was about 9 yrs. old. He’s the one on the bottom. This picture was taken one of the last times I got to see him. This was a great weekend.

We had such a great time this weekend with him. My husband pulled out the quad for the kids to ride and they had a blast with it.





T.J. is 15 now. He has grown into a handsome young man.

After riding the quad all day, the kids came inside to build the gingerbread house we got. This is something we used to do this every Yule because the kids loved it so much.

T.j. wouldn’t let me get a decent picture without his tongue hanging







This was the finished project. They did a great job on it. Much better than when they were younger. Here’s a video I got of them working on the Gingerbread House.


Later, we went looking at the houses that were decorated for Christmas. Mind you I live in a very small town. However, we did find this one that I thought was absolutely adorable.


Kira picked up one of our hens, Red, and we found that she likes to have the side of her face and under her neck rubbed just like a dog. I got a video of this too. It was amazing!


How was your weekend? Do you have plans for next weekend? I’d love to hear what you’re up to.


Have a great day!



Are you Ready?


Well Christmas is almost here! Are you ready? Have you done all your shopping, shipping, and baking?

This week has already been crazy and it’s only Monday! I finally got most of my baking done. Still a little to do but I’m close enough I think that I can take the day off. Of course that means I will have to work overtime for the next couple days to get it all done…LOL. We decided to go with mostly home made gifts this year with trying to get back to what Christmas is supposed to be about. To quote a commercial that has been playing lately we are trying to “make the 4 letter word of the season L-O-V-E instead of S-A-L-E.” I did buy some gifts. Of course we can’t get away from that entirely. I just want to remember Christmas as a time of joy rather than hectic shopping season. I guess this a part of trying to slow down a bit.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday this weekend!


Holly Cow!

candy cane lane

I hope everyone is doing good and having a great day so far! What a weekend this was. My husband decided it was time to start a new project. I will have more on this in a bit. I will be starting a portfolio page for different projects and try to keep them updated as they come along. So, we went and got the hubby’s new project on Saturdayodessy 1 A beauty it is not, but it will so much fun when it is done. Then we had a Christmas party for my husband’s work. The hotel they held it in was amazing and beautiful. I had to get pictures from inside.

christmas party 2 christmas party 3 christmas party

Yes, they had a waterfall inside the hotel. It was beautiful. From the waterfall it ran in like a river around the majority of the lobby. With the Christmas decorations, the lobby was beautiful. My husband started this job just a couple months ago and so far is loving it. I got to meet many of his co-workers and his boss (who seems like a great guy).

All in all it was a good weekend, I just wish they would last a little bit longer.

How was your weekend?

Have a great day!


P.S. I completely forgot the best part! I saw Santa when we went to the Christmas party and was able to get a picture with him.

picture with Santa



I think this is my favorite time of year! I love Christmas time and it’s not because we get things either. It just seems to me that most people seem to be in a better mood most of the time. This is a blessed time of year. Living in a small camper trailer I don’t have the luxury of a full size tree so I got the Charlie Brown version this year LOL (with a few more limbs on it though).

So this month, instead of a recipe on Wednesday I am hoping to do a DIY gift or decorations for the house. In that spirit today me and my daughter put together a wreath with items from the dollar store. I think the total cost of this was about $5.00.


This is what I got at the dollar store. To decorate the wreath it’s very easy. Just cut the longer stems off the flowers and picks and stick them in through the branches of the wreath. If you have some that won’t stay in just use green twine, twist ties, or something similar to tie them in.

20151202_144305 20151202_144954 20151202_145413

This only took about 20 minutes to put together.

Have a great day!