Honda Odessy

My husband picked up a Honda Odessy this weekend. I will say that so far it is nothing pretty to look at, but I can’t wait until he gets it done. I plan on posting pictures here with a short update of what he has done with it.

This is what it looked like when we brought it home. odessy 1

Definitely not very pretty, but oh what fun it will be when done!

Here are a few more pictures of how it looked when we got it:

oddessy 2 oddessy 3odessy 4

As you can see the engine was not in it and there is a mess of wiring that he will have to go through. Aarron was able to do a little bit of work on it Sunday so now the engine is back in it but it’s not running yet, he still has to get the wiring figured out, put the radiator on, and get a gas tank for it. So it still needs a lot of work but it is coming right along so far.

odessy 12 odessy 11 odessy 10 odessy 5

Here is an update on the Honda Odessy:

This weekend Aarron actually got the thing to run. We still need an actual gas tank for it (he is using a plastic bottle at the moment) and brakes. But so far so good.

20160103_141046.jpg 20160103_141034.jpg


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