Dollar Tree Easter Table Center Piece


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This is an easy Easter table centerpiece idea using for supplies. Take a look and see the finished product today. Do you enjoy crafts, but not sure how to start or where to get your supplies? may have the solution you’re looking for. At they sell bulk items ($1 per unit and up) for crafting and other projects. Check out today!

This is an easy Easter center piece that anyone can do (even those who are craft challenged). I got the supplies from Dollar Tree to complete this project and it only takes a few minutes to make this cute center piece.

Dollar Tree Supplies @DollarTree

What you need:

Easter grass

Plastic eggs

Easter Buckets

Easter flowers

How to assemble:

  1. Place Easter grass into each bucket(about half full).

Easter Center Piece Dollar Tree Supplies @DollarTree          2. Place  Easter flowers in the back side of the bucket.

3. Place plastic eggs in the front of the bucket.

When you’re finished it will look something like this:

Easter Center Piece @DollarTree


Just place this on the table for Easter Dinner or lunch  to add a festive Easter look.

I also got some Easter plush animals with my order because my granddaughter was just born. She is too little to remember this Easter but I still wanted her to have a basket this year. So I used some of the items I got from Dollar Tree to make a basket for her and my daughter’s friends 2 littles. For little one’s that are old enough you can add something in the eggs and add other stuff to make it more of an Easter basket. This is how the baskets turned out:

Easter Basket @Dollar Tree


I’m telling you, these are so easy to do! So get on over to to get your supplies for Easter!

Have a great day!


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Makers Kit Subscription Box

*This post contains affiliate links*

I have been getting the Makers Kit subscription box for several months now and I love it. They send you a box every month with 2 – 3 DIY kits inside. This month there were 3 which included the Eucalyptus Sand Art Vase (pictured below), Magnet light switch, and Glass Pebble Tic-Tac-Toe. Plus for fun they threw in throwback treats which included pixie sticks for starters. I have always enjoyed do-it-yourself projects, but I hate having to go out and get everything I need. This makes that a non-issue because they send it to your door every month.

Maker's Kit

The picture above shows the completed project. I love how this one went together. The next 2 pictures show what came with the project. They send you everything you need to complete the project so there is no having to run out to the store because you forgot something.

Maker's Kit

This particular kit came with 2 different colors sand: beige and black, dried eucalyptus, twigs, moss,  and dried flowers, and the glass vase to put them into. You layer the sand in a way that looks good to you. Then you place the moss on top of the sand. Then add the twigs and other decorations to the glass vase. It’s so easy and having everything you need is a plus too.

Maker's Kit

As I said earlier, I have gotten this subscription box for a few months now and they have sent some great kits so far. Last month they sent a kit to make an oil diffuser. They have also sent bath bombs and a kit to make a body oil. This kits are awesome! I think this is one box that I will continue to get for a long time because I love everything they have sent so far.

Maker's Kit

If you would like to try out this subscription box you can go to Makers Kit  to get yours. If you do get one, let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you.

Have a great day!


DIY Spider Webs

On a recent trip to the dollar store, I managed to pick up a few things really cheap to make these DIY Spider Webs for decoration in the yard for Halloween this year. Anyone who knows me, knows that this is my favorite time of year. Not just Halloween, but Thanksgiving and Christmas too. This is just the best time of year.

Anyway, back to the point of this post. While I was at the dollar store I came across some “Creepy Cloth” and the spider rings that are always out this time of year.  I grabbed 2 of the Creepy Cloth and a box of spider rings: Total $3.00!

DIY spider-webs

Now the spider rings don’t come with an opening in the ring any more (they used to years ago). So I just pulled out a pair of scissors and cut the rings. It was really easy to cut through them. When you open up the Creepy Cloth, it kinda looks like spider web so we attached the spiders to the creepy cloth and this is what we came up with.

DIY spider-webs

The white one obviously looks better than the black one, but at night the black one is better because you can’t see it so it’s more like a spider web when you go under it.

I’m pleased with how well they turned and for only $3 you can’t beat it.

Have a great day!



Blessings Jar

Mason jars are great for everything! I know this is the time of year that we all begin to think about what we are thankful for and what we are blessed for. I am no different. So what I wanted to do was make a jar so that during the coming year any time something happens that is good, I or my family can write it down. On New Year’s eve next year we can sit down and go through all the good memories and remember what we had to be blessed for over the entire year. So if you would like to make one as well this is how:


1 mason jar



Spray Paint (or other decorations for the mason jar)


  1. Using the cardboard, cut out a circle that will fit into the ring of the mason jar.

12376224_10153785264094555_4906719954883981401_n 12369037_10153785264209555_6981254568596271130_n 12390828_10153785263784555_6580424082858420010_n 12390850_10153785263604555_7654543446644396807_n 12342831_10153785263409555_2476727705753479059_n

2. Decide how you want to decorate the jar. I cut out a heart shape to tape to the jar before painting. You could use tape to make different designs or other shapes or symbols. Whatever you want to do with the jar is perfect.


3. Paint the jar. This is the fun part!

12342533_10153785262969555_5703012002726132399_n 12360146_10153785262839555_3462374763478728387_n

With the spray paint it only took about 15 min to dry which makes this a quick easy project to put together.


Now I have my jar to add precious memories to for the year! If you decide to do this, I would love to see how yours turned out. This is in response to Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.

Have a great day!





I think this is my favorite time of year! I love Christmas time and it’s not because we get things either. It just seems to me that most people seem to be in a better mood most of the time. This is a blessed time of year. Living in a small camper trailer I don’t have the luxury of a full size tree so I got the Charlie Brown version this year LOL (with a few more limbs on it though).

So this month, instead of a recipe on Wednesday I am hoping to do a DIY gift or decorations for the house. In that spirit today me and my daughter put together a wreath with items from the dollar store. I think the total cost of this was about $5.00.


This is what I got at the dollar store. To decorate the wreath it’s very easy. Just cut the longer stems off the flowers and picks and stick them in through the branches of the wreath. If you have some that won’t stay in just use green twine, twist ties, or something similar to tie them in.

20151202_144305 20151202_144954 20151202_145413

This only took about 20 minutes to put together.

Have a great day!



Finished Planters
Finished Planters

I have a bunch of old tires laying around the yard so I thought I would make use of them. I decided I wanted to make a couple planters. What I used was 4 tires (2 approximately the same size) and 4 cans of spray paint. I believe this is probably one of the cheapest ways to do this, but you could also glue rope around the outside of the tire on the tread or any other way you could imagine to decorate them.

4 cans spray paint. Approximately 1 can per tire.
4 cans spray paint. Approximately 1 can per tire.
4 old tires
4 old tires

Clean the tires if needed by spraying them down good with water.

Project 3

Spray paint the tires and let dry for about 24 hrs.

20150923_172409 20150923_172413 20150923_172433 20150923_173815 1443055071580 1443055154013

That was the fun part! Once the tires dry:

Project 7 Project 6 Project 5 Project 4 20150925_130825 20150925_130224 20150923_173811 20150923_173803 20150923_173756 20150923_172419

Stack two tires together and fill with potting soil.

20150925_130228 1443211670831 1443211439311 20150925_130224 20150925_130218

Wet the soil down really good.

20150925_130809 20150925_130757

Plant the seeds and wait!

1443212403388 20150925_132010 20150925_132006 20150925_130829 20150925_130825

I thought it would take about 2 weeks before we started seeing anything, but apparently my daughter has a green thumb.


We had sprouts in the one she planted within two days! Mine on the other hand still has nothing…LOL. Guess I should leave the gardening to her.

Hopefully I have inspired some creativity in you. Just remember, creativity does not have to be expensive. This whole project took about $40.00. All I had to buy was  the soil and spray paint, but you have rope lying around you could glue that to the tread and still have a beautiful upcycled planter!

Have a great day!