The Joy of Keeping Goats

When we first started this whole thing, about 3 years ago, we had no clue what we were getting into. We went to Tractor Supply one afternoon and they had chicks and ducklings. It was only my daughter and I and we just had to have some. So we came home that day with 8 chicks and 2 ducks. And no idea what we were doing. Now 3 years later, I know more about chickens than I ever thought I could know.

Now we are beginning our next adventure. We have goats! I did so much more research before we got them though than I did with the chickens. I feel that I am confident and ready to start this adventure and give my goats the best life I possibly can. I would recommend a few things before getting your goats though. First, is do your research. You need to know more than just how to care for them. You need to decide what purpose the goats will have in your life: dairy, meat, land cleaning, or a combination of the three. After your now what you want them for, you will need to decide what breed will be the best fit for your home and your purpose.

My research started with this book: The Joy of Keeping Goats


The Joy of Keeping Goats


This is written by Laura Childs and has so much great information. She goes over everything from why a person would want a goat to how to properly care for them once you get them home. She explains many of the new terms that you will begin hearing and dealing with. She even goes into the breakdown of what you want in your food selection.

The first thing explained in this book, is that the goat is a herd animal. This means that you will want at least 2 goats. One will drive you insane by getting into to trouble and constantly calling for your attention. With at least 2 goats, they will keep each other company. They won’t stay out of trouble by any means, but they won’t be constantly calling for your attention.

This book is a wonderful place to start your research. It’s available on Amazon¬†here.

After doing my research, we finally went to purchase our new kids. I would like to introduce you to Cinnamon and Snow White.

The Joy of Keeping Goats


The Joy of Keeping Goats


I’m sure you can tell who is who. We got these two lovelies as bottle babies. This means that because they were only a month old when we got them, that I have the joy of taking them bottles 3 times a day for the next 4 weeks, minimum. However, this also usually means that they should be well accustomed to people by the time we are done and have them weaned.

I can’t wait to see how they will grow and become when they are older. I will continue to update their progress as they grow.

Have a great day!




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