Why you need a Chimney Inspection Today

Why You Need a Chimney Inspection Today

The chimney on a home is a fairly durable feature, but allowing problems to go without repair will catch up quickly. Below are a few good reasons to seek out an inspection and repair service if you suspect something is in need of attention.

Ensure the Chimney Is Safe to Operate

All parts of the chimney need to be intact and in good working order to feel confident that it is safe to use during the colder months. The chimney liner, flue, damper, and firebox should all undergo inspection and have necessary repairs done before you begin seasonal use.

Seal Leaks In the Chimney

Cracked washes and crowns, split liners, and mortar problems all allow the free flow of water into the home. Leak detection and repair is an important task that should be undertaken at the first signs of water intrusion. If not, you will end up with a mold problem that invades and grows inside the chimney and house.

Repair Loose and Missing Mortar

The older the chimney is, the more likely there will be areas of loose and missing mortar. It sets the chimney up for water damage and can lead to loose and missing bricks. In the worst cases, it can jeopardize the integrity of the chimney, leading to a partial collapse.

Replace Cracked and Missing Bricks

Chipped, crack, broken, and missing bricks in your chimney are more than an eyesore. The stability of the structure is dependent on all bricks being in good shape and in the right position. Chimney leaning and collapse render the fireplace unusable. Brick repair Annapolis MD can correct the problem before it gets too bad.

Whether you use the fireplace, or not, the chimney is a part of the home structure that can make the property look bad if not maintained. Inspection and affordable repairs will keep it in good working order.


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