Garden Success

So the gardens are still growing. I’ve started my seeds for the fall and they are starting to come up as well and looking good too.  I even had a volunteer plant show up in my bag of soil. lol. I’m not sure how that happened, but it did and I’ll take it as a win.


The picture below shows my watermelon, bell peppers, cantaloupe coming up nicely. I can’t wait for these to start producing fruit. I’ve been missing fresh fruit.

These are my tomatoes, and pumpkin starting to come in. These will go in the garden with the sunflowers and corn when they are a little bigger.

The cabbage is just about ready to pick. I can’t wait for these because I so love cabbage. The brussel sprouts are starting to grow too so we have some there very soon. I can just see where they are starting to form.

The rest of the sunflowers are  just about ready to harvest. The seeds I did last week were not to hubby’s liking so we will be trying a salt brine with these and maybe a few other flavors to see which he likes best.

My cucumber plant has wrapped itself around my lettuce plants, but I have blooms on it now so hopefully we will have some cucumber soon. When they come up, I am going to can some of them with my new Instapot and also use some for pickles. My mint plants are doing amazing as well. I’ve already been using this in some of my recipes and will continue to do so as it continues to grow.

My parsley, oregano, and catnip is growing well and I continue to cut them when I need them. I have also however, done some dried too so that I should have enough to last the winter. The swiss chard is continually growing. I’m just not sure what else to use this for as hubby didn’t like it the time I made it. I guess I will have to continue looking for different ways to use it.

My tomato plants are growing like crazy! The bad thing is that I haven’t gotten anything off of it yet. There are so many blooms on it, just no fruit as of yet. I am still hopeful though. The strawberry is starting to get some fruit on it. There are about 4 or 5 berries growing, you just can’t see them yet.


New on the Farm

We recently made a few more purchases for the farm. We got turkeys for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Ironically enough, these are their names also. The white bird is Thanksgiving and the darker bird is Christmas.


We also picked up these littles a few days ago. They are both female Nigerian Dwarf goats. They were supposed to be weaned, but neither is yet so I am having to bottle feed 3 to 4 times a day. However, I don’t mind so much. Their names are Cinnamon and Snow White. I bet you guess who is


This post will show up in my Blog Carnival so be sure to keep an eye out for that post. It will go live on the 30th of August with everyone’s post that signs up to join. This month’s theme is garden.


Have a great day!




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