Garden Success

Well, this last couple weeks have been a bit rough. We’ve had a few set backs, but thankfully the successes have been good too. The small garden is still doing good, the main boxes, not as well. With the set back they kind of got forgotten for a day and really suffered for it.





You can see by the pictures that the tomatoes are growing like crazy, as are the sunflowers and the corn. I am so thankful for this right now as I have never been very good with growing anything. I have talked to my grandfather who knows a lot about growing things so he has been an amazing resource for me as well as the internet too.

Our set back this last week was that we lost 22 of our chickens to the neighbors dog(s). They feel just as bad as we do about it though so we have been able to work through it and maintain our friendship with them. This is another thing that I am thankful for over this last couple weeks. Even though my birds mean a lot to me, my human relationships mean more so anything we can do to keep them healthy I am willing to do.

So, in looking back on these last couple weeks, we got through the rough times and I think the main thing I take away from this situation is to treasure your relationships with both humans and your animals because you never know how long they will be there.

Have a great day!



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