Christmas Simplified

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Christmas Simplified

Did last year’s holiday season leave you feeling drained? Why not plan a simplified Christmas this year so that you can enjoy the holidays. Use the following tips and tricks to save time, money, and all the headaches that come from the added work the holidays require.


Everyone loves a festive house, but putting all those decorations out is a lot of work. You don’t have to skip the holiday décor, but you can simplify it. Choose a pre-lit tree that is slightly smaller than your normal tree. Have the family members pick their favorite ornaments to hang on it, and skip the rest. Use pre-lit garlands and wreaths to decorate outside. When you use enough, you can skip the individual strands of lights.

The Food

Many wives and mothers feel that they must spend days on end in their kitchen baking cookies and preparing amazing meals during the holidays. Give yourself a break this year by incorporating a few store bought items in with the homemade. Go ahead and bake your favorite treats, but fill in with bakery items. You can also prepare that turkey or ham, but don’t feel guilty about relying on the local deli for the sides.

Gift Shopping

The hustle and bustle of the crowds at the mall can be fun, but when you are searching for the perfect gift, carrying heavy bags, and your feet are tired, the fun vanishes. Use gift cards for finicky people on your list. Tuck them into a festive mug along with Christmas candy so they still have an actual gift. Whether you live in New York City or the wide open state of Colorado gift baskets from online sites like Bisket Baskets are perfect for neighbors and friends.

By simplifying Christmas, you will have more time and energy for enjoying the season. These tips allow you to still have a full blown holiday, and chances are that no one will think you skimped on anything you normally do.


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