Garden Success

I have been having success with my garden so far this year and I am loving it! I have never been one to have much of a green thumb. It’s actually always been black. Plants just see me coming and they wilt. Until now that is, this year my garden is growing great! (If I could keep the lizards out of


This cabbage is coming along nicely. It’s finally starting to make the head of cabbage. I have never had fresh cabbage so this should be a treat.



The Swiss Chard doesn’t appear to be coming back after harvesting it a few weeks back but I guess I shall see with a little more time. The chamomile, parsley, and oregano are just about ready to be cut back and dried.



The lettuce is almost ready to start using and the cucumbers are coming along nicely.



This is some romaine lettuce I bought at a  farmer’s market.  It’s slowly starting to grow back.



Hubby’s apricot tree is doing well. However, we had some bad wind last week and I think we lost all the blooms. We were so hoping for fruit this year from this baby.


I have beans, squash, and tomatoes coming up in this one. I am hoping to put these in the wagon wheel in a few weeks to replace the crops we lost there.



The corn and sunflowers are coming up nicely. I am hoping to use some of the plants from the green house to fill the empty spots.






So we’ve had some successes and some failures, but for the most part they are all coming along nicely.


Have a great day!



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