Garden Success

Garden Success

Garden success can bring up a mood like nothing I have ever seen. I have so been loving being outdoors lately. Other than the wind, the temperatures have been great. It’s that time of year where it’s not overly hot, but yet it’s not cold either. Or what most would call spring, although I’ve never seen spring here in Southern Arizona so it’s been very nice. My garden has been doing well. I’m excited and can’t wait for the fruit and veggies to start growing.


The corn and sunflowers are doing well. However, we seem to have an insect problem of some sort so the tomatoes and peppers have been eaten. We are going to try with older plants rather than from seed as we did to begin with.


The cucumber and lettuce are doing well here. The lettuce in the lower corner I actually started at inside the house and just transplanted it outside so I am hopeful it will do well.


As you can see the cabbage is doing great! The head of cabbage is beginning to form now so it shouldn’t be too much longer before these are ready to harvest.


This is our apricot tree that the hubby planted 2 years ago. With a little luck we should get some apricots from it this year. I’m sure you can see them in the picture, but there are many blooms on the tree already.







I think this may be our one failure, but I’m not sure yet. We just planted this plum tree about a month ago but so far I haven’t seen any growth on it so I don’t know if it’s still alive or not. Only time will tell I guess.

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