Sephy’s First Moments

Oh my this last month has been full of firsts for my grand daughter. This little girl has all of us wrapped around her little fingers. She turned 1 last month and oh the firsts she has been going through over the last month are crazy.  Her first birthday was so much fun for her. She got to go on a swing for the first time, she has her first cupcake and her first hair cut.

It was a good thing Momma had a good hold on her because she threw herself in head first!


Just after her first haircut


She looks like an angle here.


First time on a swing!




Sephy also had her first Easter. I was able to find a handmade dress at a farmer’s market near our house for her too. I was soo excited for her to wear it and I have to say she looked adorable!


What I found to be most adorable about this day was that the duck makes a quaking sound and she seemed to get upset because the rabbit didn’t make any noise. She kept holding it out to me like make it make noise like the duck does. It was so cute!

Finally, while I know she loves her great Gpa, she would never go to him, until the other day! She crawled over to him and climbed up to stand next to him.


This little girl is so expressive. I look forward to watching her grow up into a beautiful young lady.


Have a great day!




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