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Every so often I seem to receive items in the mail that I haven’t ordered and haven’t been asked to review. I’m not sure if I’m the only one that has this happen or not…lol. However, if you see this post and you sent me something to review please contact me so I can attribute the link to you. So here goes, these are all things I have received over the last month.

Blackhead Removal Kit



I found this kit on Amazon, it’s similar (it has the same tools in it) to the one I received, but not quite the same but you can see this kit Here.

Crochet Needles

I love to crochet, so I was thrilled to receive this set of needles.


You can find a similar setHere on Amazon.

I love this set of needles because it has a cushion on the handle end which makes it easier to hold on to them for a longer time than I would normally be able to. It makes doing anything crochet so much easier for me.

Icing Colorant

I do a lot of baking so I was thrilled when this showed up in my mailbox.


This set comes with 12 colors to use for coloring your icing. I think the blues are probably my favorite though. They come out so beautiful.


You can find this set on Amazon Here. These are so easy to use and it makes beautiful colors.

Bluetooth Hands Free Device

I haven’t had much chance to use this one yet, but what I have been able to use it, it appears to work really well. You can answer your phone calls in the car and it goes through your radio system.

This device has a LED display. It hooks to your phone through bluetooth or USB cord and will play your music from your phone. It also takes a memory card so you could load music to a memory card and play music from there. It plugs into your car lighter or power plug.



I found this similar one on AmazonĀ Here.

Well that’s it for now. Again if you sent one of these items to me, please contact me with the relevant information so I can make sure to credit you.

Have a great day!



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