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The last month of the year was pretty rough on us this year so I have to say I am not sorry to see 2017 go. We did have a good year for the most part though. Of course as always there are ups and downs, it just seems that December was pretty bad. To start the month off, things were alright. Dad was doing ok, grand baby was doing great and growing by leaps and bounds. Then all hell broke loose!

But first, the grand babies. To start the month off we welcomed over Facebook our second grand baby. A boy this time, Oliver. He is growing like crazy and doing wonderful with his mom, dad, and brother and sister. I can’t wait to see him in person, hopefully soon.

Persephone is growing so fast! I’ve loved having her here in the house with us and we got to spend her first Christmas with her. We started Christmas on Christmas eve where she got to open her very first Christmas present:


Christmas day, her father’s mom (Sephy’s other grandmother) came over for presents in the morning.









So all in all, Christmas was good. However, two weeks before Christmas, my dad went into the hospital and we almost lost him once again. Monday before Christmas, my grandmother passed away, and Wednesday before Christmas, my brother went into the hospital with a heart attack. Thankfully, both my father and my brother were home for Christmas. My grandmother will be greatly missed by the whole family though.

Have a great day!



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