Getting the Steps Built Right


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Getting The Steps Built Right

When you have a deck attached to the home, it’s nice to have a sturdy set of stairs that lead from the yard to the deck area. If not, then you need a way to access the space from the inside of the home, which often involves adding an extra door in one of the rooms. Another option would be to make a walkway along one side of the home that connects the deck to the house. You can talk to a contractor about how to build stairs for a deck so that you have the design you want and the size that you want in regards to the steps.

The stairs that you build on the deck can add character as well as function. Before you begin any kind of work, you need to take measurements so that you know how much wood you will need. You also need to get the other supplies that are needed for the stairs, such as brackets and anchors. ONce you have all of the supplies and the measurements, you need to figure out the rise and the run of the stairs. This is the information used to determine how tall the stairs will be and how many steps will be a part of the deck. The width should be taken into consideration as well. If there is a wide space for the stairs, then you can usually get by with longer steps but with fewer that are built. On the other hand, if you don’t have a lot of width to work with, you’re going to want to build steps that are wider and closer together to make it easier to get from one to another.

A concrete footer is a good place to start when you begin the deck stair design. This will anchor the frame of the steps so that they don’t move. Cut the boards for the steps, sanding the edges so that there isn’t a risk of splinters. Nail the steps in place once the sides of the stairs are built. Add the rails last, making sure that they are even with the deck and with each other.


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