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Well, I’ve had my grand daughter out here for the week and I have to say that I am loving having her here again. We got her in the pool for the first time and she seems to enjoy it completely. Of course, I didn’t think that she wouldn’t because she loves her baths too.


She was even kicking her feet and trying to get around in the pool. It was absolutely adorable! Then there’s Grandpa, I don’t care what he says about it, this little girl has wrapped herself around his heart completely!



He makes faces at her and she just smiles the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. It goes all the way to her eyes.


I got a few new chickens this week. Well roosters really. 3 of them. Someone was unable to care for them so they brought them to me. They are Easter Eggers and beautiful. Only a few months old right now. I just need to find some hens for them now.


In the bottom picture we also have Sparkle (who was named by my niece). They were trying to get out of the Arizona sun as we have been over 100 degrees for the  last few weeks.

Chicken Sanctuary

I am working on starting a chicken sanctuary where I would take in chickens and roosters who need a new home for whatever reason and allow them to live out their days in a safe environment. The only problem with doing this is money so I have started a fundraising campaign to try to help with this matter. If you know anyone that has the ability to help please send them to my fundraiser at

Anything would be a help. The money will go toward feed and lumber for coops and just general upkeep of the chicken farm. Without help, I’m afraid I won’t be able to do this.


Hubby’s shop is coming along nicely. A bit slower than he wanted it to, but coming along none the less. We now have 3 of 4 walls up. Next he plans on clearing the floor to make it all level and then all of his stuff will go in to keep it all out of weather.



Everything that is outside of the shop is what needs to go in. So there is A LOT! Hopefully, his design will fit everything and still give him room to work.

Finally, I was heading out in the afternoon to check on the chickens and saw this guy!


I think this may be the most beautiful lizard I have seen in quite a while. He was just resting in the shade from one of our trees in the yard.

Well that’s about for us this week. I hope all has gone well for you and I hope that everyone had a safe 4th of July. I would love to hear about how you spend the holiday so let me know!

Have a great day!




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