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When this dog bed first came in the mail, I was thinking that Jackie wouldn’t like it. I was right. At first, she didn’t. It took me about 3 days to get her to lay down on it so that I could get a picture. However, now when she is in the house, she will lay down on it sometimes.

I think this problem with this for Jackie, is that she has never had a pet bed that we know of. She adopted my husband several years ago and has slept at the foot of the bed since coming to him. I almost think that she felt if she used it, she would be taken off the bed. Which we did not do by the way. She still gets to sleep on the bed. However, she does now use the dog bed during the day when we are inside.


This particular dog bed is from Pet Magasin Because this is a new product, they are also offering  30% off to new customers for this bed using code 5F2WSQO4. This code is usable on and on Amazon at

The cover is soft which I like, and it stays warm, which Jackie seems to like.

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  • Our dog doesn’t sleep in his bed either! A warmed bed might be just what we need!

    • It could work!

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