Leather Bracelet Review

I received this leather bracelet for free or at a discount for my honest review.

So far, I really do like this bracelet. The color is vibrant and the charms stand out a bit. It should fit just about anyone’s wrist.

Leather Bracelet http://fave.co/2pVmEfp

I love that this bracelet is not very expensive. The color is just what I was after, although there are other colors available too. I love the charms on it as well. This one seemed to call to me. This is probably not something I will wear every day, but I will use it occasionally still as I really do like this.

Leather Bracelet http://fave.co/2pVmEfp

Leather Bracelet http://fave.co/2pVmEfp

You can purchase this item Here on Ebay.

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