Pet Carrier Review

I was provided this pet carrier for free or at a discount for my honest review.

This pet Carrier is very nice. There is a pet bed on the inside that is removable so you could also use it at home. It velcros to the bottom of the carrier so you can also use this at home.

Pet Carrier

This carrier is airline approved for most airlines. There are several mesh sides so your pet will be able to see around him or her. The pet bed is removable and could be used at home if you wanted or needed to. The zippers are easy to operate and so far haven’t gotten stuck. I would say this carrier would work for pets under 10-15 lbs. Our puppy (approx. 17 lbs.) is a little long so she doesn’t have much room inside but she does fit.

Pet Carrier

You can purchase this item Here on Amazon.

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  • I really like this pet carrier it would be perfect for my cat, I take him with me when I travel most times. I like the mesh ad it looks airy. Also like the fact that it is approved by most airlines.

  • Great product review , very informative and helpful. Thank you for sharing your honest opinion about this product. Definitely checking this out.

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