Preschool Cooperative Play Bands

These preschool cooperative play bands are great. They can be used with toddlers, the elderly, or anyone experiencing balance issues.

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You attach these bands to chair legs or anything else sturdy that you have 4 of. You can place the bands high or low depending on who you are working with and what the reason is for working with them. For toddlers, these are great to help with coordination and balance. You could place them low to the ground and have the toddler walk around it, or jump over the bands or many other things. I can’t wait to use these with my grand daughter!

Preschool cooperative play bands width=

You can get this item HERE on Amazon.

I received this item for free or at a discount for my honest review.

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8 thoughts on “Preschool Cooperative Play Bands

  1. Richard @ says:

    Well that’s interesting. Are the bands primarily used with toddlers learning to balance? Do they have a safety rating?

    • Renee says:

      I haven’t seen a safety rating as of yet. I believe this is a very new product idea. The idea behind them is for toddlers but I could also see them helping with balance for the elderly too.

  2. Laurie Albanos says:

    Hmmm…very interesting product. I wonder if physical therapists are making use of these in their offices. I’m going to forward it to my friend who’s a pt

    • Renee says:

      Yes probably so. My daughter was pigeon toed when she first started walking. I believe this would have helped her too once she was fitted for the corrective shoes.

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