What is Going On? I mean Really People

I don’t usually go into politics on my blog, but something has to be said about what is going on I mean come on really people!! Can we just take a moment to be grown-ups again because I don’t understand. As a grown-up, we are supposed to be responsible people, are we not? Is there anyone who disagrees with this? If you do, I shall warn you to stop reading this now!



I will tell you right now that I did NOT support Obama being elected as President. However, I did NOT go out and destroy property under the guise of protest because he won. I do NOT understand why this is happening now! When I was growing up, protests only happened because someone’s rights had been violated. Now it seems that when people don’t get their way, it’s time to protest. I mean what the hell people!! That is just throwing a temper tantrum.

I get that many people don’t like that Trump is now our President, but I would like to know who’s rights have been violated since he became our President??? He hasn’t been in office a week yet and everyone has gone insane! Can someone please explain this to me?

I think my cousin put it most eloquently when she stated on her Facebook page:

This whole not my president crap is so stupid. Obama wasn’t my choice, yet he was indeed my president. As with so many things, it is what it is. Crying, hiding, joining support groups, protesting, etc isn’t changing a damn thing. We are an adaptable species for goodness sake! Get over it! Go to work, pay your bills, file your taxes and take care of your families. The sun will come up, tomorrow is another day. Hoping for the worst is absolutely idiotic! Let’s instead, pray that OUR president can and will do a fantastic job these next 4 years instead of predicting the end of the world you big babies!

and this statement too:

What did the women’s marches accomplish yesterday? I’m sure there were plenty out there just celebrating sisterhood, I hope so anyway, it looks to me more of a childish parade of ridiculous signs. A vagina flipping the bird? Vagina hats? The p word everywhere? My gosh, are we grown up intelligent women or are we 6th grade boys? You hate Trump? Who cares? You want equal pay? Do an equal job! You want control over your bodies? You’ve had that for years sweetheart! Those weren’t mentioned on the signs I saw though. The signs could have been thought up by any pubescent boy. Disgusting! I’m ashamed!

This statement says everything that I believe needs to be said. Why are people out there protesting when we should be working together to make this a better country. Trump has not had a chance to do anything wrong yet. Let’s stand together and pray that he does a good job rather than throwing a hissy fit because he made it into office. Let’s work together to make sure that he does what he said would and “Make America Great Again”.

If, and I mean IF he violates someones rights, then I would be out there with the rest of them protesting, but until that happens grow up! Be an adult! and quit crying simply because you didn’t get your way.

Have a great day!




  • I’d like to “like” this about a thousand times! Preach, girl!

    • Thank you!

  • Protesting is a way to tell the government that you do not agree with what they are doing. Those of us who disagree with what Trump and his administration have done so far have every right to protest. In fact, the protests have already accomplished positive results. (Rioting is a whole different issue and is never right.)

  • I agree, protesting is getting old. As for celebrities and stuff protesting, they are childish and do not even know what an average American goes through trying to feed a family. They haven’t seen first hand of someone losing their job or factory shutting down – I have. And, Trump is helping get our jobs back. Celebrities like to say they are helping, but because of them these other countries are treating our President badly. He’s the President, people need to get over that! ….Ugh, I could go on and on…. but then again, I won’t haha.

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