Glycolic Facial Peel

This glycolic Facial peel is a bit different than anything I have ever used before. I’ve never been one to use the facial peels, but I was given this one to try so I did.

Glycolic Facial Peel

Glycolic Facial Peel

I have to say the experience with this has been different. I’ve never been a fan of the facial peels, but this isn’t quite what I thought it was. You apply this to your face after cleansing and allow it to set for about a minute (at least at first), then you rinse it off. I noticed at first a little bit of tingling after applying it. I think this is why it says to start with a minute or less to begin with.

I left it on for only about 45 seconds the first couple times I used it. I have not used this product every day. I’ve only used it twice so far so I can’t say how well it works, but I’m getting used to how it feels and I love the way my face feels after using this so I will continue to use it and see what happens.

Glycolic Facial Peel

You can get this item HERE.

I received this item for free or at a discount for my honest review.

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7 thoughts on “Glycolic Facial Peel”

  1. I love facial peels, they always make my skin feel so clean afterwards! I always have to use a decent moisturizer afterwards though otherwise my skin dries out.

    1. This one is different than most. I personally wouldn’t call it a peel, it’s used more like you would a cleanser. You have to wash it off when done rather than peeling it off like you would with a face peel.

  2. I’ve never used a peel, and this one doesn’t sound like what I envision one to be. When I hear facial peel, it makes me think of something similar to when little kids would let Elmer’s glue dry on their hands and peel it off.

    What causes the tingling? Is this product scented? I have to be careful as we have allergies and sensitivities in our family.
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    1. It’s not what I thought a peel would be either. I kinda had the same thought on it about the Elmer’s glue. It’s not like that at all though. It more reminds me of a cleanser type feel to it.
      I think the tingling is caused by the glycolic acid that it’s made with. I haven’t noticed a scent with one at all.

  3. I love facial peels- my skin is quite dry and they do really well at removing the dead layer of cells on the top before they become flaky. Stick with it – I’m sure you’ll love it!

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