Vitamin C Moisturizer

I have been using the Vitamin C moisturizer for a little over a week now and so far I like the results. I haven’t noticed a difference with fine lines yet, but I am still hopeful.

Vitamin C Moisturizer

I have been using the Vitamin C moisturizer in the morning with the Skin Brightening Serum. I also apply an SPF sunscreen in the morning because this product does not have it in it unfortunately. I wish that I could tell you it’s a miracle cream, but so far I can’t. I haven’t noticed a difference in fine lines, but my face is soft after use. This also has a plesant scent that goes away after just a short time. I really like this so far but will have to update again later after I’ve had a chance to use it longer.

Vitamin C Moisturizer

Vitamin C Moisturizer

You can get this item here .

I received this item for free or at a discount for my honest review.

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  • I’m definitely going to investigate this. I am always looking for a great moisturizer.

  • I know Vitamin C is good for me, but I am awful at remembering to use it! I like that this product brightens your skin though, I’l have to give it a try.
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  • This sounds like neat! I haven’t heard of this brand before. Glad to hear that you liked it. Thanks for doing this review.

  • Sounds like a lovely product. Every year it amazes me how much different skin care needs to be for winter and summer.

  • I to use vitamin C on my skin. I have very oily skin and it makes it much less greasy. Works good on me !!

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