Columbus Day

Is Columbus Day going away? It definitely sounds like it will be. For Americans, Columbus Day celebrates Christopher Columbus and his “finding America”. However, have you ever asked an American Indian what he or she thinks of Christopher Columbus?


Several places are beginning to move away from Columbus Day because most indigenous people don’t much care for Christopher Columbus. And who can blame them. They were here, living happily (for the most part) until Christopher Columbus showed up.  Christopher Columbus landed in America bringing with him diseases that these people had not encountered before and war and death.

Is there any wonder why they don’t like Christopher Columbus? He came and changed their whole way of living. Well not him per say, but people who came here after him.

Places are switching to Indigenous People’s Day instead to honor those who were here before us. In doing this we are no longer celebrating a time of genocide for the Native American’s but rather honoring their sacrifice and way of living.


After all, they were here first.  This was their land first. We need to support Native American’s and help them when and where we can. Only some places are making this switch though. I think it’s great personally that we can celebrate their culture and way of life. It’s about time.

How will you be celebrating today? Are you in a place that is celebrating Indigenous People’s Day? How did your city or state celebrate it?  I’d love to hear from you.

Have a great day!





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