Mabon/ Fall Equinox

Mabon, or the Fall Equinox, is typically a time to give thanks to Mother Nature for all that she has provided us over the last months. The harvest is ending and the ground is going dormant for the winter months.

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Apparently, this day has been celebrated for many, many years. The crops are harvested so the hard work is done. It’s now time to start preparing what was harvested to last through the winter months. Many communities used to do this by getting together with the neighbors to make sure that all will have enough to survive winter. This is a season of both death and rebirth. The earth will die, so that in spring it can be reborn to help us sustain life.

In the Pagan tradition, this is a time of kinship and community. It is time to get together with family and friends to celebrate the coming winter and give thanks for the summer. This is a time of balance because the day and the night are equal in length, one can take stock of your life to ensure you also have balance there. This can be accomplished in many ways.

One way for this is to give thanks for all you have and ask for help in areas you may be lacking. The easiest way to celebrate this sabbat is with a feast. Invite your family and friends over to have a meal and enjoy one anothers company. Give thanks for all you have and ask for help with what you need help with.

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I hope that you have a wonderful day today and enjoy life to its fullest. If you celebrate today in any way, shape, or form, I would love to hear about it. Just leave me a comment below and let me know what you did for this day.

Have a great day!




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