Fairy Ball String Lights

This Fairy Ball String Light Set is so cute. I love that the lights are small. You can make it look like stars in your yard. I go through the settings in the video below so make sure to check it out.

Fairy Lights http://fave.co/2ciCpKX

These lights have to be plugged in, which I don’t like. And because they plug in, they are not waterproof so make sure you take them down or at least unplug them in bad weather. For a party or in the bedroom, they can help to set the mood. They are a small light so they won’t put out a lot of light but they are pretty when on at night.

You can get this light set here on Amazon. They really aren’t very expensive either.

Fairy Lights http://fave.co/2ciCpKX

You can see from the picture above the size of the lights. The settings on this light set are as follows:
1. Combination – which includes all settings.
2. Waves – It starts at one end and goes all the way to the other.
3. Sequential – I think this one explains itself.
4. Slo Glo – Not sure how to describe this one. It comes on and goes off at a slow speed. kinda like a twinkle.
5. Chasing flash – Similar to the waves setting.
6. Slow Fade – This one also is self explanatory.
7. Twinkle flash – They look like twinkling stars.
8.Steady on – They are just on.

All in all I like this set, I just wish they were solar like the rope light I got a few days earlier.

Have a great day!


I received this product for free or at a discount for my honest review.


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